The Pirate Market: The Interview That Added A Multi-Sig Market!


Background: A couple of weeks ago we have been chatting with a Admin of The Pirate Market (Alias Mr. White) and his staff member Tone, and we thought it might be a nice idea to make this chat into an interview – as we know, its always interesting to hear the administration side of the marketplaces. When we started this article – i had some hard time figuring out what can we say about this market, as it was “just” another market with normal escrow, but after a lengthy discussion that we had about the advantages of multisig transaction in compare to the normal escrow system – including some technical explanations and example. We were so happy happy that Mr. White decided to get on it right away and implement Multisig transactions on his site, and within a matter of days he was already working on the production stage of the multisig system and within another day or so he had a functional system. We held back this article until we had the full usage tutorial of the multisig ready.

So basically, we were trying to get an interview and we ended up with presenting a new multisig market to the list – so all the relevant parts in the article discussing the escrow system had to be re written + the guide added to this interview. We also held this from being published until the Multisig guide is completed to be added to our multisig page. Marketplace will be promoted of course to the multisig section of our list.

This was the interview conducted couple of weeks ago, we have altered the parts discussing about escrow since there is also multisig available now:

DeepDotWeb: Considering what happened to Ross – aren’t you afraid running an online drugs market?

The Pirate Market: I think everyone is a little afraid.. But the chance getting caught is very low now because there are so many marketplaces coming out, Also I do everything to hide my identity And of course if the server is seized, it cannot be linked back to me – because I pay the server with bitcoins and every time I connect to the internet Im connecting to a vpn first, then I use tails or whonix.

DeepDotWeb: Tell me about your market features? what makes it unique? why should people use it and not the others?

The Pirate Market: The Pirate Market has been created to provide a place for buyers & vendors to do business without having to worry about their bitcoins or if market goes down. We wanted to create the most secure marketplace on the darknet and we will do everything to reach our goal. We also provide an external tumbler service which allow users to enter up to 5 receiving addresses to launder their bitcoins with 100% security.

DeepDotWeb: So, how are your users safe from scammers or devious admins considering the fact that you are using traditional escrow system?

{Note: Market is now offering Multisig transactions}


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  1. December 14, 2016 at 7:23 am ME-SOOOO-HORNEY

    Don`t go to this shitty market you will get ripped off……..Speaking from experience TRUST IS A MUST PEACE.

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  2. February 19, 2015 at 10:58 am vg

    “All bitcoins are stored on an offline cold storage wallet which only we have access to.” That’ a real confidence builder. Nothing like letting total strangers have access to all your money whenever they want.

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  3. September 16, 2014 at 9:45 am DiazNL

    The people behind this shitty marketplace are scammers. It’s impossible to withdraw your BTC from your wallet. Fortunately it was only less than half and I wanted to test the site before selling more and losing more money as well. Contacted 3 times with the admin. NO response. They just steal the BTC and that’s their plan. They don’t wanna have a market place like Agora. Bunch of assholes are the admin of Pirate Market.

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