Now You Can Buy… Coffee! On The DeepWeb


  12 Jun 2014   0

Check out the new onion site that was announced earlier on Reddit not sure if its for real but i like the idea so why not mention it – “Dark Net Roasters” accepting Bitcoin and Darkcoin:

Announcement thread here:

URL: http://iqerkl6u5vusk6pe.onion

DarkNet Roasters is a collection of people who simply love coffee. We began humbly enough as consumers. We are all long time coffee drinkers. Coffee has always been our favorite caffeinated drink. We first made our appearance on darknet markets when we partnered with CosmicBites, a medicated edibles vendor. We thought that this would be a good way to gauge the reception for high quality specialty coffees on the darknet. The response so far has been very encouraging. A large percentage of customers who received our free samples have returned to place full orders for our coffees. DarkNet Roasters has also received several great reviews from customers who just couldn’t say enough about the quality and value of our single origin coffees. This post marks the official launch of our direct onion site: http://iqerkl6u5vusk6pe.onion. We also have http proxy for users who are not familiar with using TOR : We accept both Bitcoin and DarkCoin.

We at DarkNet Roasters are very excited to be one of the very first retailers to be accepting Darkcoin. To celebrate, we are offering an exclusive darkcoin promotion. When you pay for your order using darkcoin, we will add an extra bag of coffee to your order for free! DarkNet Roasters is offering another opening sale as well. For a limited time, our already low retail prices are being discounted by another 25%! This means that you will only pay $9 for a 12-ounce bag instead of the normal $12 per bag.

So if you like your coffee anonymous, you have come to the right place. This is one of the few “legitimate” services that you can buy on the Deep Web that will not risk you with the law.

according to the owner in the Reddit comments:

And we completely agree, so good luck!

It’s not a necessity. We were just having fun and thought it would be cool :)


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