Man Sentenced To 15 Years over Death Linked To Darknet Fentanyl


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A 26-year-old man was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the US District Court for selling fentanyl through the Darknet which resulted in an overdose death.

A 26-year-old man was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the US District Court for selling fentanyl through the Darknet which resulted in an overdose death.

Zachary David Chyle pleaded guilty to a count of conspiracy to possess drugs with the intention to distribute them. He also pleaded guilty to another count of possessing controlled substance leading to death.

Chyle will pay $7,894 and be under five years supervised release after his years in prison. He will also pay $200 towards the federal crime victim funds.

The case, according to the court report, states that Chyle sold fentanyl through the Darknet to the victim, Eugene D. Mecham. Eugene lost his life after dosing the drug more than necessary. The U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed that the drugs originated from a Darknet marketplace.

Chyle ordered the drugs and paid in Bitcoin. This is not the first time an overdose death has been linked to a drug purchased from the Darknet. Fentanyl overdose is well known in the records of drug overdose death in the US. Over 50,000 drug overdose death was recorded in America in 2015. Its nature makes it very easy to be packaged and sent to buyers.

An Opiate user said to reporters in last year that “Fentanyl is easily sourced from China in bulk via Darknet site. This stuff is also super cheap in comparison to actual heroin and is easier to synthesize due to it being a full synthetic and not needing access to heavily watched precursors.”

The death caused by the fentanyl and other synthetic opioid was 8% in 2010. It jumped to 25% in 2015. This is a clear indication that fentanyl overdose death rises with time. The reason may partly be blamed on the fact that more people are becoming conscious of the existence of Darknet markets.

The Arrest of Zachary David Chyle

On 23 August 2016, Chyles father, Jim Chyle found his son unconscious in his room with a needle in his hand. He then called the deputies into his apartment in 13000 blocks of Highway 17, in Park River.

The document read by the court says that Jim Chyle had purchased an antidote following the awareness that his son is an addict. He, therefore, administered the antidote twice on his son.

After his health condition was brought under control, he was taken to the Unity Medical Center for further treatment.

Zachary David Chyle was arrested by the police in October 2016. Authorities launched an investigation during his period of probation. A search conducted in his home led to the seizure of 38 syringes, 88 baggies and four brown 100-milligram vials which contained fentanyl.

Chyle hinted that he drilled a hole into a laptop and put in a bucket of water. The Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force seized it as well in his residence in the Park River.

The officer said there might be good evidence in the laptop: “reason to believe that within said (laptop) is data evidencing narcotics trafficking.”

Even though quite a number of drug related cases end with the suspects in prison, most of these cases are normally dismissed by the court.

The case presided by Judge Ralph Erickson has been one of the major cases filed in the District court.

Just this year, over 21,000 convicted drug offenders in the state of Massachusetts were expected to have their cases dismissed.

It is understood that most of the evidence against some of the drug offenders are overstated. Time will tell if Chyle will also be taken out of prison due to one of these reasons.

Keith Harward was released from the Virginia prison after spending 33 years in the prison over allegations yet to be proven true. His liberty came in March.

The Director of the Forensics Laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology said to reporters that: “There have been a lot of people let out of jail after many years … because of some evidence that was refuted later on.”

In the case of Zachary Chyle, the court proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty, after stating that he has criminal records. He faced a burglary charge in 2013.

Zachary Chyle faced a life imprisonment charge before pleading with the Federal Prosecutors office in February.



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