Dark Web drug dealer who supplied fentanyl into the UK jailed 8 years


  17 Feb 2018   1

25-year-old Kyle Enos of Newport, South Wales, used a dark web marketplace to supply people with fentanyl and was caught. The drug dealer has been sentenced to prison. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid which is 40 times stronger and potent than heroin has been the cause of many overdose deaths in the US and recently in the UK.

The drug was linked to 113 deaths in the UK alone just last year. As to whether the drugs that killed them had been supplied by Enos, is still unknown but nevertheless, investigators warned that the synthetic opioid posed extreme dangers.

Upon the numerous attempts to curb the situation as well as the arrests made, it didn’t seem to bother Enos as he was running a complex drug operation on the dark web. His operation killed at least 14 young customers in Hull, according to reports. This led to the launch of intelligence operations by the Humberside Police to prevent the deadly drug from being sold to drug users.

The situation in Hull was so serious to the extent that, it was once the focus of a BBC iPlayer documentary which showed drug users injecting fentanyl into their body and talking about its possible effects.

Enos controlled his dark web drug business from his flat in Wales and even offered a buy-one, get-one-free on the synthetic opioid.

He was given an eight-year jail sentence on Monday at the Cardiff Crown Court after admitting to selling fentanyl to 168 people in the UK, Canada, Europe and the US from May 2016 to May 2017. Thus a whole year of supplying these deadly drugs to people, causing enormous damage that we can only imagine.

Judge Eleri Rees stated that the deaths were a true reflection of the danger of the drug, which is far more potent than heroin. She added that Enos was fully aware of the potency and the high risk involved but ignored them as he advertised his products and sought customers reviews about them on the dark web.

“This was a sophisticated, complex operation in that you supplied fentanyl to over 160 addresses to the UK, Europe, and the US. The profits were such that you were able to rent a luxury apartment in Cardiff city centre,” Judge Rees stated.

Enos used his dark web handle “sovietbear” to create a page on the now-defunct dark web marketplaces AlphaBay and Dream Market that offered same-day delivery to customers in Britain, three days to those in Europe and a week to customers across the globe. His online profile claimed he was selling pure fentanyl at the lowest prices and also offered custom concentrations.

In addition, his page boasted of re-shipping packages seized by customs and further stated that the detection was “very, very rare”.

“My priority is your satisfaction,” Enos had written under his profile. “My prices are great, and so is the product,” he added.

According to officers, Enos stated that he was importing fentanyl from illegal sellers in China every two or three weeks and prepared the packets himself, before sending them to his buyers through first class or air mail.

When Enos’s home was searched last year, officers had to wear biohazard suits and respirators due to the danger of the drug.

According to court documents, the police analyzed Enos’s customer database after his arrest and found out that four people in his database had passed away but as to whether the fentanyl provided by Enos was the cause of their deaths, couldn’t be proven. They also used some documents they found to identify 92 customers in the UK and 78 others abroad.

25-year-old Jonathan Robinson, from Northumbria, was found dead at his home. Jack Barton, 23, a university student also died in Cardiff in January last year. The other two dead people in his database were 34-year-old Aaron Rees, from Ammanford who was discovered dead during March 2017. The fourth person died in Scotland but his or her name wasn’t brought up in court.

Enos will be escaping charges for the deaths in England and Wales but investigations are still ongoing in Scotland. Reports suggest he made around £16,000 from his fentanyl sales.

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