Four New Police station and 186 cops to fight Mumbai cyber crime

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In response to the high cyber crime cases recorded in Mumbai, the government has set up proactive measures with the introduction of 186 officers and five new police stations. The high record of cyber crime in the cities, with Mumbai recording 38 percent of the total crime in Maharashtra has called for urgent action to be taken. The report confirms that the cops will be well equipped and updated to meet the current operational method of cybercriminals.

According to the Mumbai Police, the new police stations will be built in the Central, Northern, Southern, Western and the Eastern regions. The locations were not chosen randomly but were done strategically to ensure the effective control of cyber crime across the City. The police also said to reporters that trained police will be provided to ensure the smooth running of the course.

This movement was influenced by the lower detection rate in relation to the recorded cyber crime cases. A senior officer of Cyber police station has admitted to the fact that the sophisticated software is very advanced, posing a challenge to their operation. “Detecting cyber cases have become challenging as most of the criminals use servers based outside of India.” Considering that many efforts have been employed to control online crime in Mumbai and India at large, authorities have also identified the need to increase the capacity to have encouraging detection rates in the coming years.

According to the SIG Brijesh Singh, the lower detection rate has called for the need to improve capability and capacity to deal with cyber crime. The Indian SC Judge has also stated a need to regulate the cyber sector.

Statistics have shown that 80 percent of registered cyber crimes in 2016 remained unsolved despite the overall reduction in reported crimes. The fewer cases in 2016 were attributed to two main reasons: Cyber crime awareness and less reported cases by victims. With respect to this, cyber crime remains higher than ever. The government has pledged to ensure that more trained cyber crime police units are provided to reduce the cases occurred and recorded in the subsequent years.

The police also revealed how the cyber crime cases will be handled by the police station. According to them, cases that are up to Rs. 90,000 will be handled by the newly founded cyber cell whiles cases that amount above this number will be handled by the police station itself. The Mumbai police have started the operation of cyber cells in all the police stations. The said police stations will help to handle bigger cyber cases in Mumbai. The activities of the cyber cell were started somewhere in December last year; however, they have had minimal impact on the rate of crime detection.

Aside from the new police stations in Mumbai, the state will also post 40+ new officers in each district. This will ensure that the investigation process is accelerated and the detection rate is improved, according to the Superintendent of the Police, Balsing Rajput. The locations for the station are “BKC(W), Ghatkopar(E), Worli(C), Kandivali(N), and South-Mumbai police headquarters at CSMT”.

Mumbai already has a cyber police station. This initiative will add up to make it five total for the city. The new cops have been scheduled to train at the BKC.

The K M M Prasanna, Additional Commissioner of Police said to reporters that the decision of the government to embark on this project will help in the fight against cyber criminals and protect the ordinary citizens.

Cyber crime has been a nationwide problem with most of the youth taking advantage of the economic hardship to engage in it. Some of these gangs are also operated by foreigners, and the authorities have already arrested some foreigners. It is an undeniable fact that India has reached an advanced stage of cyber crime, but measures being put in place are enough to effectively fight against it and increase the detection rate.



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