“We are the most informative source on Russian darknet” – claims Hydra forum admin.


  27 May 2018   3

Russian darknet market Hydra is not only a place where one can buy different goods and services, but it also is a source of useful information. On the market’s forum, users can discuss hotspot topics, seek advice and assistance regarding legal and medical issues, and chat with like-minded people. On May 11 the forum’s admin Resident kindly answered questions concerning how the Hydra forum was functioning, as well as, its policy. We translated the interview and are pleased to present it to English speakers.

Every platform, which publishes information publicly has certain rules. What is the main principle of Hydra’s forum?

Resident: We create our own “atmosphere”, with respect to other users and to the forum itself – this is the major principle for everyone to follow.

The forum’s main topic is drugs and most of users are dope takers. What interesting information can both newbies and experienced users find on the forum?

Resident: Hydra’s section “Psychoactive substances” is the most informative source on the Russian darknet. There you can find data on all the stuff, learn how to determine its quality, choose a dosage and route of administration. You can find out about the best way of taking MDMA, how to avoid bad trips, we also have a thread, where users give advice and share their personal experience in mixing drugs. Nowadays the hottest topic is entheogens – it seems that more and more people use them to alter consciousness in a mystical state.

Chemists and growers are a part of the target audience. Is there anything useful for them?

Resident: Our growers’ community is a unique platform even for skilled cultivators. It is an open source of new growing techniques and developments. The news section is called “Consumption culture” – you can find tasty cannabis recipes and unusual ways of administration.

The thread “Grow” is especially useful for newbies. It contains step-by-step manuals on how to grow mushrooms and marijuana in different scale. Experienced growers are there to help choose a suitable strain, construct a grow box. With the help of forum’s materials, everyone is able to start growing from scratch up to an industrial scale.

And what about chemistry?

Resident: We have a thread called “Chemistry and synthesis technologies”, with a lot of methods of psychoactive compounds synthesis described there. Even beginners can learn how to make Amphetamine, Mephedrone and other stimulants along with euphoretics and psychedelics at home! Users also can find information on laboratory equipment and even where to buy it from vendors.

The forum also runs a section “Faculty of Law”. Who consults people? Is the information always valid?

Resident: Not all the data is correct, as every user can post an answer to your question. However, our moderators always respond to inquiries and their answer is based not on speculative assumptions but on the rule of law. Moreover, already published information covers practically all important matters: the difference between precursors and drugs, legitimacy of a search, hints on how to behave after arrest and there are even articles on how to hide from the authorities and cross border.

What else can we learn about safety on the forum?

Resident: Safety measures are described in the section “Anonymous”. There are manuals on setting up equipment for safe network operation, guides for installing Tor browser, Tails, Ubuntu, PGP, jabber and other software. Users discuss anonymity on the darknet and get to know what can and cannot be done while browsing the deep web. However, anonymity in life is not less vital than the one on the Internet. That is why the forum’s administration and users publish ideas on safe shipping and storing drugs.

Which forum’s thread is the most active now?

Resident: “News, announcements and suggestions”. It is a feedback section, where hundreds of users post their comments daily. On this thread, our community discusses the work and future development of Hydra market.

What else can be found on the forum?

Resident: There is a thread “Merchant”. It is devoted to a wide range of financial activities, including the best investment possibilities, cryptocurrency trading tools. In addition, there are vendor threads on the forum. Dealers use them to hold contests and lotteries among customers and also provide up-to-date information on the shop’s work. Moreover, each user can ask a vendor a question and get an answer visible for everyone – we think this feature is very important, as it corresponds to the business transparency.

All the other questions are discussed in “Off topic”. If you feel like chatting, telling your story and finding like-minded users, then it is the right place for you. “Off topic” is divided in cities and regions sections for users’ convenience.


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  1. June 20, 2018 at 4:20 am Su

    I used to visit hydra to find a meth supply agent for me, hope it links to Vietnam where I live =))

    In general I am very impressed with this forum, it has a great video, about extracting ephedra from ma huang tree. And has vendor, dealer meth ice look like blue meth for water white =)), Unfortunately they do not distribute to Viet Nam: D.

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  2. June 1, 2018 at 8:35 am Resident (admin forum HYDRA)

    Hello! Here I am! Unfortunately, the forum is exclusively in Russian, but you can use translators! Always glad to new forum users! We are waiting for a visit! And also many thanks for the publication! Sincerely, Resident.

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  3. May 31, 2018 at 3:13 am AsphyxCruncher

    Is there any way to change the language to English?

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