German Teen Receives 2.5 Years Dealing on Dark Web


  7 Jun 2018   1

A 19 year old boy from the Eastern district of Altotting in Germany has been sentenced to do jail time for drug dealing. Passing the sentence, Christoph Warga, the judge who delivered the verdict said the amounts dealt were ‘unbelievable’. The teen was reportedly found in possession of assorted drugs worth 200,000 Euros. He confessed that the drugs included cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, amphetamine and marijuana were for his consumption and part resale.

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He also revealed to having acquired the drugs through the darknet. During the trial in the Muhldorf district court, the court was made aware that the teen was introduced to it by friends. He had reconnected with friends from secondary school and started doing drugs. The boy who claims to have ‘never rolled a joint by himself’ progressed from smoking marijuana to amphetamine. It is at this point that he learned of the dark web and started purchasing through it. Jointly with the friend, he purchased and resold small portions of the drugs. Progressively, the quantities increased to a point that the friend started demanding a protection fee given in the form of 300 grams of amphetamine at a time.

Two judges in the court praised his bold step to confess. It was noted that his actions were not purely voluntary and his continued trading may have been out of fear due to blackmail. However, none of the “friends” have been arrested or brought to court as witnesses. Instead, the court still found him guilty and passed a sentence of two years and four months in prison. He will serve only two thirds of the jail term having been remanded in custody for five months prior to the hearing.

This is not the first case of a young person being sent to jail for drug trafficking in Germany. Last year, a 19-year-old was arrested for narcotics. But more notably is a story all the way from 2015, a then teen similarly 19 years old was arrested for trafficking. The boy was Maximillan S and charged in Leipzig in what was termed the ‘biggest trial on the darknet’ in Germany. He was accused of trafficking narcotics by owning and running an online shop. Maximillan raked in revenues of up to 4.2 million Euros between 2013 and 2015.

Unlike the Altotting teen, Maximillan was more elaborate and business savvy. He was nabbed after a suspicious parcel sold him out leading police to his home. Although sentenced at 20, he was considered as a minor and received a seven-year jail term.

Germany ranks top in the list of countries whose drug trafficking through the dark web continues to rise. According to a report released recently, there are numerous cases of drug trafficking in the Rhineland. Amphetamine is the most popular traded drug alongside marijuana in the country. Roland Haugh, the Chief of Police in Offenburg was quoted referring to the darknet nightmare as “a bottomless pit”.

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    German police are like maniac on crack.

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