Man buys drugs from darknet using company funds


  20 Jul 2018   0

A director of a climbing gym in Brest, France, found himself on the wrong side of the law when he used the company’s credit card to purchase drugs from the darknet. The unnamed man is reported to have spent company funds on drugs between May 2016 and July 2017.

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The director was due for retirement and had filed all the required documents awaiting a much-anticipated retirement. However, this wasn’t the case. The company ordered an audit on their finances which uncovered his corruption and scandal. The audit revealed that the director used 3,000 euro in credit card uses to pay for the supplies purchased through the deep web.

The amounts covered the costs for 3Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC), also known as Metaphedrone, a drug found and ordered from the deep web. The drug, a cathinone derivative, is a stimulant with euphoric effects. The man confessed that at the onset of his crime spree, that he used the drug for recreation. Things however went south quickly when the man moved to Brest where he served as director of a company. He claims that he made friends with a group of users who set him on the addiction path. His addiction and bank account never met so he secretly started to use the company card to buy small quantities at a time.

Sorry for his actions

During the hearing for his crime, the former director showed remorse of his actions. He pleaded to the court that the addiction made him commit the offense. To support his claim, the man displayed track marks on his forearm. According to his confession, he had turned to full abuse of the drug that involved injections daily. He pleaded with the court that his actions devastatingly affected his life. He claimed that his addiction led to his divorce, and consequently was forbidden from seeing his four children. The court found him guilty and issued a six-month suspended jail sentence and a 1,000 euro fee back to the company.

The drug 3MMC produces compulsive redosing as well as paranoia and anxiety. When used in large doses and frequently, delusions and stimulant psychosis occur often. It was found to be a stimulant that greatly enhanced physical energy. This attribute made it a favorite among people engaged in serious sports, like rock climbing, dancing, etc. The chemical components of 3MMC make it a designer drug to replace the previously banned mephredrone. 3MMC is also illegal in Brest, although it is accepted in other countries. Drug illegality makes users turn to the darknet where they easily get them.

Drug prevalence in France

The 2018 France drug report indicates that the most widely abused drugs in the country are cannabis, cocaine, and then synthetic opioids. Abuse of MDMA had a decrease from 2012 to 2016, only to shoot up again in 2017. Cocaine use also saw an increase in the same year.

The same report reveals that France is one of the EU countries with a very high-risk to opioid use. In 2015, over 108,000 people reportedly indulged in injection based drugs. Similarly, addiction treatment and prevention centers recorded opioids abuse as the second ranking drug abused by their first time clients. Cannabis led in the drugs that sent users to rehab.

At the end of this trial, the company did not go after this man for all he had stolen to buy drugs. But the Brest director is not alone in this predicament. A high ranking story in London about a similar case of a JP morgan PA reflects the depths addiction can send users to. Emily McMillan used company credit cards to pay for debts accrued from drug use as well as further fund her addiction.


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