Counterfeiters allegedly targeted college students and their bank accounts to deposit approximately a million dollars in bogus checks.

Last week, local law enforcement revealed to the public the arrest of a fugitive implicated in a case of bank fraud.

20 year old Emilson Rodriguez was named in an indictment when 6 individuals were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and bank fraud.

Evidence presented in court suggests that Rodriquez and the accused 6 alleged to be members of a conspiracy to defraud banks by depositing bogus checks convinced people with access to legitimate business and company checks to send them photos of actual checks which they then used to create counterfeit checks.

The fake checks were deposited in a legitimate bank account and the account holder - usually college students in on the fraud, would then withdraw the deposited funds quickly before the bank could verify that the received checks were counterfeit.

Authorities suspect that over a period of 6 years in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the “card-cracking” group was able to forge and use an estimated million dollars’ worth in false checks.

With the help of an investigation led by the Financial Crimes Unit of the Police Department and facilitated by federal law enforcement, U.S Postal Inspection Service, Secret Service and the FBI, Rodriquez was identified sleeping in a car in Culver City, California - some 2000+ miles away from Providence where the alleged crime was committed on August 19th as revealed by the office of Aaron L. Weisman, U.S Attorney.

After his arrest and appearance in a court in Los Angeles, he is being detained in federal custody until arraignment in a Providence District Court. A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


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