While searching in his house, police found hundreds of grams worth of drugs and over $16,000 dollars.

31 year old Robert Lorifice, resident of the North County Coastal region of San Diego was arraigned before court today on federal drug trafficking charges - involving methamphetamine and heroin; a situation which has since developed into a scandal in the local vicinity.

Robert Lorifice, an accomplished professional skateboarder in the area was charged along with his girlfriend Elizabeth Landis (27) for their participation in a two-man drug venture in which the couple admitted to purportedly selling hundreds of grams of heroin, meth and other controlled substances mostly over the phone and with the help of various apps over the internet.

Police investigations suggest that on multiple occasions, Lorifice was caught in his residence with drugs, packaging materials as well as huge sums of money, which he later admitted were the proceeds from the illicit business.

Investigators say on two separate occasions during the execution of search warrants in Lorifice’s residence, the trafficking duo were found with an estimated 231.6 grams of heroin, 193 grams of meth, Psilocybin mushrooms, over 800 Xanax pills, several mobile phones as well as $16, 824 USD - discovered in the first raid of his house in Encintitas on the 26th of September of last year.

Barely 3 months after that incident, Police discovered once more on 14th December of 2018, 31 grams of black tar heroin, various unnamed pills, 18 grams of meth and $10,926 dollars along with a digital scale.

Their plea agreements indicate that both times at the same residence, Lorifice was able to dispose of or at least tried to flush an unknown quantity of drugs and blue meth down the toilet of his bathroom.

U.S Attorney Robert Brewer addressed the issue in a press release where he said

It’s unfortunate that a public figure who is admired by kids chose to travel down this road. We have a very big methamphetamine problem in our country right now, plus a nationwide opioid epidemic is raging, and we are going after anyone who sells the poison that is destroying lives and families and communities.

The sentiment was shared by fellow local skateboarder Connor Douglas who shared that he found it disappointing that his colleague went down that path, adding

It was pretty shocking news, because a lot of kids looked up to him (Lorifice).

On 7th September last year, Landis sent the implicating text

I have bomb dark (heroin) you should try and  I got (narcotics) and even some really bomb blue (methamphetamine) - the real deal. And bomb kush (marijuana) too. If u want to stop by here on your way up let me know…

Lorifice and Landis as well as a third person named Tom Herbert were arrested on the 26th of September in their home. Lorifice denied involvement in the crime, stating that the drugs belonged to someone who had left them behind in his house and he was afraid to get rid of them.

Law enforcement headed by FBI Special Agent Scott Brunner maintained,

Day in and day out, the FBI and our law enforcement partners work together in order to keep deadly narcotics off the streets and hold drug dealers accountable.

He noted that this case would serve as a deterrent or at the very least a strong warning to drug dealers in San Diego.

Sentencing is expected to be handed down 9 A.M on November 22 by U.S District Judge Dana. M. Sabraw and Lorifice faces double charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Heroin with the intent to distribute both of which carry a maximum penalty of 40 years imprisonment and a $5 million dollar fine.


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  1. September 4, 2019 at 3:05 pm omegapoop

    How did he get the police to search his house in the first place?

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  2. September 4, 2019 at 5:59 am Cali4life

    WOOOW, I KNOW THIS DUDE! I just signed up to be able to comment on this. Now that I am thinking about it... I'm not surprised though. Even me that so far I can say I wasn't close to him, I knew he was working with that stuff.

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