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September, 8th, 2019: Report and analysis of the week on the current situation of the different markets, forums and other services.

Report and analysis of the week on the current situation of the different markets, forums and other services.

Table of Contents:

1. Energy Control.

2. Dread.

3. Saṃsāra Market.

4. Empire Marketplace.

5. Cryptonia Market.

6. Cannazon.

7. Berlusconi.

8. Tochka Free Market.

9. Apollon Marketplace

10. Other Marketplaces.

11. Upcoming Markets.

12. Exit Scams or Seizures.

13. Silk Road 3 situation.

14. Dream’s new market situation.

15. The war of markets.

Energy Control, which provide Harm Reduction and Drug Checking for Darknet market users since 2014, is back to work after been busy working in festivals in Europe from 12 August until 1 September.

DoctorX commented on Energy Control official subDread: (Click view image to see it with a better resolution)

On Dread, things seem quite stable since the end of the DDOS attacks. HugBunter worked hard enough during the summer months to end the attack and continue to offer what is perhaps the only site where users feel confident enough to start discussions, questions and announce their business and ideas. During this week, although it is not something new, we have been able to see several posts on Dread thanking the administrator (Hugbunter) for providing this service to the community. In the screenshot below, we can read how a user thanks Hugbunter for have personally helped him with some personal problems. (Click view image to see it with a better resolution.)


Saṃsāra Market, the marketplace that has undoubtedly taken advantage of the death of Dream market to achieve a high number of users in a very short time.

We still do not know what the intentions of the creators of this new market are and what will happen in a future, same as we still do not know if Dream Market will return with its promised new market or if everything will remain like a dream. :)

Neither I nor anyone on my platform can ask you to avoid the market, since it is your decision. But after reading a post on Dread from a Dream vendor in which he complained he hadn’t recovered his bond from Dream Market after Saṃsāra Market release, I understood that there are lot of users confused about this. They really think that Saṃsāra Market is owned by the same people/person that owned Dream Market (SpeedSteppers).

So on TheOnionWeb, we want to make it clear: You can use the market, since it works and the wallets seems to work, but do not forget that this market does not come from the same people/person who maintained Dream Market from 2013 to 2019.

Empire Market, Another marketplace that has been positively affected when we talk about big amounts thanks to the death of Dream Market.

Although it works well, and the wallets seems to work properly, they are suffering many phishing attacks in these recent months.

Now they are recovering after a series of DDOS attacks which we all know about.

During these weeks, It is very common to log in on Dread and see most of the entire frontpage full of posts about users complaining that their deposits have not arrived or that their tickets are not being answered.

One of the negative points of the market is that they have a very important delay in replying and attending customers tickets. But it seems they are actively working on fix it. According to a comment from Sev7n, Empire Market head moderator:

Disputes are resolved from oldest to newest based on latest reply, replying to a dispute every couple of days with something like "hello?" won't help. Hundreds of disputes are being resolved everyday, but there will still be delays due to the sheer amount of disputes.

Read post on Dread

Cryptonia Market, a wallet-less escrow marketplace, perhaps, one of the market that promises the most for the future. Although this could only be confirmed by someone who can travel in time.

The marketplace is working well at this moment. Although this week it seems there are many new phishing attempts, perhaps, because the popularity of the market is growing.

During this week they solved some problems with the payment system. All the problems were resolved ahead of time as you can read on this post on their official subDread: (Click view image to see it with a better resolution)

Read post on Dread

But, there have been complaints regarding their way of showing their listings, since some users complain that this method currently used by the market does not give any opportunity to other vendors and only benefits a few of them.

Cannazon!If you are living in the European community and you are just interested in Cannabis products, then, this is a good choice to make your green business.

The market has been operational for a while now, they don't have much activity on their subDread but when someone needs help, they respond. We can can verify it on this post from 4 days ago.

Read post on Dread

Berlusconi, A market that has been online for some years (since 2017) making it the 2nd older English market online after Tochka (Without counting The Majestic Garden).

Lately it seems to be more recognized and many users are these days commenting on this, basically saying, it's an underrated market.

As of today, while doing this weekly analysis, we have been able to verify that they are still maintaining the market with a good support. It is certainly a market to consider if you haven’t test it yet.

What do you think about this market?

Tochka Free Market or Point Market, the only market to have an android application, continues its operations and despite not having made any public update during this week, they have begun to provide just a few hours ago, vendor flairs to their vendors on the marketplace official subDread.

Although it is currently the older English-language market, it has not been as popular as others with a shorter life. Remember that the market has suffered several serious problems in the past that has caused it to be offline and even listed as scam. Right now things seem calm, and the market may be trying to make a place for itself among the top markets.

Apollon Market, a classic escrow marketplace which has been online for some time now, has been trying to gain a place among the top markets. They have added two cryptocurrencies more: Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This update makes possible for Apollon users to use up to 4 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Other updates added, are a bit more basic which should have been added since a long time, but well, better late than never.

- Vendors can now enable vacation mode by going to My Profile -> Vacation Mode.

- Exclusive mirrors for vendors.

The market is still quite inactive compared to other markets, which may be the reason why it has been online since the end of 2018.
It must be recognized that at least, they are not trying to fake the number of listings and active vendors they have. Which is a positive point.
This small amount of listings is also due to the fact that this market suffered problems in the past and erased all products from all vendors leaving the market empty.

Apollon, Which must be remembered that it comes from Italian Darknet Community (IDC) that is why there is so much Italian influence in the market, has had other problems with /d/darknetmarkets, causing them to be banned until 2029 according to this message from the then Apollon administrator, AlexanderTheGreat:

This week Apollon suffered a setback when one of their Administrators left the market:

What caused many users to accuse the market of preparing an imminent exit scam. This was denied by the other administrator as we can see in the screenshots below: (Click view image to see it with a better resolution)

What are your thoughts and impressions about this market? Do you think Apollon will get the chance to be among the top markets?

This is not over yet! We don't run out of markets, we still have more marketplaces that are trying to get a place among the top markets (some of them trying more than another) as DarkBay (Not to be confused with Andromeda's DarkBay), Grey Market, DarkMarket, Horus Market, Monopoly, Dream Alt, Genesis, Yellow Brick, including some markets released this week as BitBazaar (Use all these markets with extra caution)

What about upcoming markets? Yes, we also have news:

We have Versus, which was announced on August 2nd By “Witchman05” an exmod from Dread. It is supposed to be a forced-multisig marketplace and he claims there’s no possibility of exit scam because every member of staff is ''verified by him''. He announced that day the release would take place in approximately 5-7 weeks.

5 days ago they announced the bond price to be able to sell on the marketplace and which left people a little bewildered as it was too much: A fixed price of $1200.

They said is because they took example of Samsara Market. Which is actually even cheaper than $1200 due to the current price of bitcoin. We must also remember that Samsara did not demand this price when it began operations. It is quite common though, that market admins want to release their market with the same expectations as one that is online since long time. You can find more information and check if you will apply for a free vendor account on this Dread post

This market is coming from the Envoy Project, which is behind different projects and others on the way. All of them using 3rd party scripts such as SMF for their forum or MediaWiki for their project called Logic (currently offline after less than 1 month in operation.) which you can find its announcement on this Dread post

We wonder if it is good to have so many services open at the same time. Wouldn’t it be better to have only 1 good service with your own code than lot of scripts out there?

Anyway, we hope to see how the market is like in the coming weeks.

We wish good luck to Witchman05 and the Envoy Project with their market.

Avior is another upcoming market, they already have a forum with open registration, you can find more information about this upcoming market on their official subDread.

Exit Scams or Seizures: This is the worst section where you can see a site. This week we have several sites including RuTor, a Russian forum. Yesterday we received an alert on TheOnionWeb announcing its exit scam/end of operations. Yesterday it was completely offline but today they announced the sale of the project and their domains. XakFor a popular hacking forum was seized this week by police in Belarus.

Welcome Rutor! The rutor retires. Thanks to everyone who has been with us all this time.Take care of yourself. The Rutor project is for sale. It is possible to buy domains for redirects to your projects. Sale in parts.
Contacts for communication through jabber.

What about the Silk Road 3 case? The market has caused controversy during this week (again). When we talk about Silk Road 3, the market created by Russian comrades (that's how they call each other) it makes me feel kind of lazy and it's not because I have anything against them, but they have a long history. In these years they have created and maintained several markets such as Crypto Market and Lunacy (Luna) Market and of course the only and perhaps oldest they have kept, Silk Road 3.

This market has never been recognized, surely because of its brand name, which they continue keeping. But despite not having had the support of almost any link or news distribution platform, they have managed to get their user base and get a high amount of active listings and sales even surpassing some other markets, but wait! Actually that was more than 2 years ago. Since then, everything has changed for the worse causing them to lose loyal users and honest vendors. This week Silk Road 3 has exploded (again) and now they are in the process of being reborn (again).

Maybe that is actually the most interesting fact about this market. Their perseverance. Despite the many disasters that the platform has been experiencing over the years, they have always resumed their operations again, although, there have been times when it really seemed that this was impossible. Perhaps one of them has been this week's one.

Even during the good times of this market and because it has never received support from any platform, it has always been part, let's say, of an even “deeper world of the dark net inside of the deep web itself”. Their best days were when they were listed on DeepDotWeb as Crypto Market and Silk Road 3. Although they were two markets with different designs, they shared the same database. Yes, I know, this something never seen before. But in the world of these comrades is not the strangest thing they've done. Soon after being listed on DeepDotWeb with their ‘‘2 markets’’ something happened and they ended up being removed from DeepDotWeb. They confirmed that they were hacked and that they had lost everyone's money. They tried to sell the market for 20 BTC claiming they were getting between 12-14 bitcoins per month. However, a few weeks later they returned without selling the market, they changed some design things and continued their operations as usual. Soon after that, they closed Crypto Market leaving only an online market, Silk Road 3 until they came with the most creepy market that the Darknet has ever seen; Luna (Lunacy) Market. Which is closed since few months ago.

OK, and leaving history aside, what is going on this week on Silk Road 3?

In summary, it seems that one of the administrators has cloned the market and stolen funds from the original market. At least that is what the other market administrators said through this message (Screenshot below) on their official subDread which is now private.

Of course, as in all disasters, there are several sides in the story, and the following is the other side, this is what happened according to the administrator who is being accused by the other administrators:

He posted the warning on the Silk Road 3.1 forums and on Dread.

So what is the current situation?
It's really not clear yet, at first everything seemed lost, but it seems they are now trying to restore the market. Although it is not yet clear which side of the story to believe.
But currently the different market links mirrors seem to be owned by different people since depending on the link you access you will be taken to different websites. In all of them indicating that the market will be restored soon. As we do not know what is happening and who is the one trying to steal your money, we are not posting links but there is no doubt that this market will never stop having problems of this kind.

What about Dream Market partner marketplace?

Yes, I have already commented on this topic above, but I want to make sure that people understand that this market coming from Dream Market creator (SpeedSteppers) has not been released yet.

It is still offline (weroidjkazxqds2l.onion) and Speedsteppers has not shown signs of life for months.

Meanwhile, everything seems peaceful in the places of the Majestic Garden :)

This is RedGoblin and this has been my weekly analysis and darknet report. As an extra I end with this informative table which I have named ''The War of Markets'' They are ordered from old to newer and the table contain the date on which they were announced, their number of subscribers on Dread and total amount of live listings they have, which I have personally counted. In some markets I have suspected about the authenticity of these amounts of listings and I have marked them as ''not verified.''

Hope you had a great weekend. Until next week!.

The war of markets: (from oldest to newest)

Market Online Since Dread Subscribers Market Listings
T•chka 2015/01 13,101 9,540
Berlusconi 2017/? 655 146,403
Empire 2018/01 7,480 51,351
Apollon 2018/? 374 9,790
Cryptonia 2018/11 2,126 15,624
Saṃsāra 2019/07 548 26,521
Grey 2019/07 168 3,026 (Not verified)
DarkMarket 2019/07 220 6,591 (Not verified)
DarkBay 2019/08 850 3,090


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    Being you know what the intentions are of each market than just one what are their intentions and what they intend on doing in the future?

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  3. September 10, 2019 at 2:26 am _blue_

    Nice article to read that you know what the intentions are of each market other than just one. What are the intentions and what do they intend on doing in the future?

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  4. September 9, 2019 at 10:04 pm DeadPirateJames

    Silk road is back now, but they are asking people to reset their PIN @THEONIONWEB, Should I trust them? I don't want to lose my bitcoins.

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    1200 dollars they lost their mind, this envoy people they are living in another world or something

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    Cannazon is the best market ever. +1 cannazon

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    Apollon like the article is saying i think it deserves a chance. I will try and leave a review.

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      I believe it can be a good market, please feel free to test it out and let us know your experience!

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  10. September 9, 2019 at 12:08 am FantasyDenise

    very nice post, really, I love it silk road is a really funny marketplace for me... after silk road 1 we shouldn't see more markets called like that.

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