Dark Web

Professor Christin stressed the importance of the existence of the dark web, adding that its entirety does not comprise criminal activity

The Carnegie Mellon University remains one of the biggest forces in research centered around computer security and online privacy in the United States, and continues to show commitment to groundbreaking research in the investigation of cybercrime and criminal techniques, marketplaces and havens in recent times.

With the reportage and reputation the dark web has garnered over a period of time, public opinion has been swayed to believe that it represents a society for criminals, hackers, sexual abusers, arms dealers and drug peddlers.

Professor Nicolas Christin of the institution, believed to be one of the most avid researchers in the field of the dark web has shed some light on the happenings and workings of the dark web in a bid to demystify and also educate the public on the stigmatised “dark web.”

In an interview with Patrick Varine of, he shared that the general view about the dark web being an “anonymous web” is but a fraction of what the service actually entails, adding that those pages are constituents of a much bigger system known as the deep web, only differentiated by the strict security measures, including allowed access through restricted and often specific software and login protections.

He stated that while the term dark web has “sinister connotations,” the anonymity and privacy it provides allows for whistleblowers to speak truth to power, report abuse and protect online identities.

Sharing his views on darknet marketplaces, he said that they are very much alike to regular online marketplaces like the popular Amazon, eBay and others,  however the cloak of perceived invisibility gives way to criminal organisations and criminal trade to thrive without the necessary regulation adding that the afore-mentioned specific softwares that allow access to these sites,

gives people the ability to conceal the IP address (a connection identifier not too dissimilar to a phone number of sorts) of their computer when browsing the web, which in turn provides some anonymity,

explaining it gives the user the freedom to communicate online without fear of revealing their location and ensures some degree of privacy.

Slated to present the dark web in this light with members of the American Association of University Women’s Murrysville chapter this month, he shared that the expectations of his visit would be to educate all present about the availability of the dark web marketplaces and how readily accessible most of them are, despite the fact that some are often used as common ground to engage in the illegal trading of goods and services, and attempt to reconcile the similarities between the more popularly known e-commerce sites and these dark web sites.


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  1. October 19, 2019 at 4:10 pm UnderCotrol

    Illegal what? Where? I like the Darknet because I can buy books that I can't get from a book store. I am looking at one now about white slavery from Europe that happened in the 1700s and 1800s.

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    • October 21, 2019 at 9:47 am HulkHog0n

      Did you find the book? I am looking for a forbidden book as well. What's the name of the book you are looking for? I found some interesting book sites

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  2. October 16, 2019 at 6:28 am JamesBooker

    I didn't know about this. Interesting.

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