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Europol says they are committed to tackling counterfeiting fraud in EU members and arresting currency forgers and buyers who use the dark web as a conduit for their criminal activities

The European Union has been cracking down on cybercrime lately, and with help from its long list of member states and Europol, it is cracking the whip on criminal activities on the dark web.

Between the 9th and 11th of December, the Europol along with its partner states including Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece and Ireland staged a sting operation which involved searching close to 36 homes that raised suspicion, resulting in the arrest of 11 individuals who were found with drugs, weapons, forged documents and fake currency amongst many others.

Europol reports that they also managed to shut down a print shop that specialized in forgeries in Germany.

Pictured here are some of the materials confiscated by law enforcement and Europol agents | Image Source:

This operation was right on the heels of another similar sting that took place earlier in July of this year. Intelligence gathered by the European Central Office to aid the investigation facilitated this recent bust – taking into account the countries at risk and addressing the various markets involved to assess the extent of criminal activity and take the appropriate steps to curb them.

This investigation carried out by the Portuguese Judicial Police determined that there was a thriving counterfeitingenterprise that supplied counterfeit Euro bank notes to individuals around the world via the dark web.

With support from Europol, the Judicial Police were able to make five arrests of individuals believed to be the ring leaders at the helm of production and distribution in this venture.

They reported that during that period, the group managed to snag themselves the title as the second-largest counterfeit producers on the dark web and had been able to distribute more than 26, 000 fake Euro notes across the European region.

In this series of raids which took place over a three-day period, the Europol and its collaborative team were successful in identifying 44 considered suspects and upon questioning singled out the arrested 11 for possessing these illegal items ranging from doping substances to unregistered firearms and weapons.


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