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It was ruled that Odrobina had changed in the 6 years since his case and was not presently considered a threat to society

You know it is a cold day in hell when a pedophile gets off the hot seat in this age of human rights and protections, much like in the case of Polish man, Wojciech Odrobina who got lucky and walked out a court room a free man. With admissible evidence stacked against him, it is unclear how the lucky guy got away with it. But here are the facts.

In 2013, Odrobina, a Polish man resident in Ireland was arrested upon suspicion that he had child pornography in his possession. A dark web child pornography site had previously been nabbed by the German authorities, and the Germans in charge of investigations had narrowed down a list of frequent flyers on the site via IP addresses, one being Odrobina’s.

Strengthened by a collaborative taskforce, the Germans were able to get this information to the Irish Police who then followed through and ran a search of Odrobina’s residence in Longford. They found some hard disks and a computer they felt might corroborate the story, and were able to get Odrobina to provide the passwords to the devices they seized when he later came by to report them missing. Not long after he was interrogated, he confessed to possessing 847 images of children, some described as the most perverse and most extreme of child abuse, and eventually pleaded guilty.

Great work from the Irish Gardaí back in 2013 that has now been rendered pretty useless, because he was let off with a suspended 3-year prison sentence after he managed to convince a Circuit court complete with a jury of his peers and a whole judge that he was “destabilized” due to the passing of his sister at the time, and that his actions were explained because he had had a difficult childhood, just last Wednesday.

Pictured here is Wojciech Odrobina | Image Source: www.rte.ie

Presided over by Judge John Aylmer, the court took into account the fact that since his plea in 2013, Odrobina seems to have taken a turn for the bettermarrying and having two children in the time since then, taking on a good job as an architect and is considered an upstanding citizen due to his cooperation with law enforcement, all while taking intensive counselling and rehabilitation. The judge said the court was moved to understanding, recognising that Odrobina has not had an easy time growing up and since the case.

He said,

Odrobina] has had this case hanging over him since 2013 through no fault of his own, and during that time he had suffered much stress and anxiety.

His ruling is that Odrobina’s three-year sentence be suspended provided he agrees to a bond to keep the peace, avoid being near children under 18 with the exception of his kids without another adult’s supervision, and be complaint with the regular checks of his technological devices as well register as a sex offender all in accordance with the investigations carried out by the Irish Child and Family Agency (TULSA). And with that, Judge Aylmer closed the case.

Now, maybe Odrobina is one lucky man, or maybe this was a miracle he was hoping for greatly come to pass in light of the stringent laws and punishments handed to sex offenders these days, but if the content he was found consuming in 2013 is any indication of his character as prosecutors have tried and failed to make stick in court, it won’t be long until we have another predator out here on these streets.


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