Since its inception in 2015, the market has made an estimated billion dollars in profits alone from selling illicit drugs and services.

The Russian darkweb market known as Hydra has been reported to be offering an ICO to its 2.5 million plus users, which is its own form of an IPO to allow users buy their way in to an extremely successful enterprise at $100 per token available for sale through Bitcoin.

The leaders of the platform have shared that a total of a 100 tokens engage the buyer with a 0.00333333 percent share of the profits made from Hydra who have fielded over a billion dollars in profits since 2016.

This ICO comes after the announcement that Hydra is investing in the expansion of a new project they have dubbed Eternos, which is proposed to be a one-stop shop for a wide array of services including encrypted messaging, a global online over-the-counter marketplace, crypto exchange, an anonymous browser coupled with its own in-house AI to sort out disputes and provide ready solutions.

For starters, they say they will be offering 49% of Eternos in 1,470,000 tokens which will generate $500 for buyers who purchase more than 100 tokens per token each month in Bitcoin. Some have stipulated that taking into account this monthly dividend Hydra is offering, the new project is expected to make more than $15 million dollars per month relative to the growth metrics.

Pictured is the Hydra website

Image Source: Courtesy of darkweblink.com

Hydra is a much preferred choice amongst darkweb marketplaces due to its no-contact policy and hands-on approach in protecting the identities of both buyer and seller because of the nature of goods and services available on the site. They have shared that they facilitate more than 100,000 deals per day in Colombian cocaine, cannabis, stolen official databases and hacking, counterfeit cash and passports traded in for Bitcoin since its inception in 2015.

According to an offering memorandum that Hydra has published, they are interested in introducing the rest of the world to its contact-free method of trading contraband, in which the buyer, seller and courier never meet, stating that “It will start a new era in the West. The scale of expansion is hard to imagine.”

The site is so popular due to the protection they offer users, leaving packages in secret locations as opposed to mail, only known to the buyers and delivery personnel in the areas buyers can easily access in order to shield their home information and ensure that in case of a bust or compromise from law enforcement, their clients’ locations are protected.

An investigative outlet known as The Project stated in some research they conducted that the Hydra marketplace has made more than a billion dollars from users who have purchased, sold and offered their services on the site due to its high level of professionalism as compared to other darknet marketplaces. They shared that an anonymous worker at the site provided information claiming that the website hires security experts, developers and drug counselors to help streamline the quality of their services in line with Hydra’s claims on their page that they employ professional chemists to ensure the drugs sold over the site are not low-grade or dangerous to users.

They hope to promote this system which works to protect the identity and security of all parties involved on their market to ensure that primarily their target base and users they cater to are not in danger.

Others have however warned that despite this bold offering, taking into consideration the recent exit scams that have plagued many markets on the dark web, users have to exercise caution while participating in this franchise. So as always, don’t throw caution to the wind when it comes to your money.


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