Announcement: Start of the Anti-Phishing Campaign

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Announcement: TheOnionWeb Anti-Phishing campaign is starting today.

From TheOnionWeb platform, we want to express our most sincere rejection of all practices related to defrauding/scamming users. In this campaign that we have started, we focus on one of the worst and perhaps the one we hate the most: Phishing. We do not accept and we reject any platform or user that perform this fraud/scam.

There are daily attacks on all honest platforms. We manually approve all comments and never let any phishing become visible, every day we invest time in reviewing all pending comments and deleting those that contain phishing attacks. But there are platforms, which due to its nature, such as forums, must instantly approve all posts. There are days with more and days with less intensity. But two weeks ago according to the rumors and the investigation some users performed of the Bitcoin addresses related to these frauds, we have verify that these scammers had managed to rob users about 1.5 Bitcoin in less than a month.

We cannot tolerate this! Since this is affecting the economy of Darknet. We are talking about 15,000 dollars that were going to be used to generate sales and business for many users are now in the pocket of some scammers.

From TheOnionWeb, we want to announce the beginning of this Anti-Phishing campaign in which we are going to start creating projects, tutorials and more to raise awareness and help users avoid being victims of phishing.

Stay tuned.



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