Police investigations suggest that together, the ring was able to distribute between 50 to 150 kilograms of cocaine in the Calcasieu area alone. Harrison, the final defendant in the group was charged to 12 and a half years in prison.

In a case prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office with help from the FBI and the Calcasieu Parish Combined Anti-Drug team, 6 individuals have been indicted and sentenced for their roles in an organized cocaine distribution gang within the Calcasieu Parish area.

The last to be sentenced, Derrick Harrison - a resident of Houston, Texas was indicted in December 2017 and finally received sentencing last week in a Louisiana court for his participation in the crime ring. The 41-year-old was handed down a 12 and a half year sentence by U.S District Judge Jay C. Zainey in lieu of his guilty plea last year.

According to investigations, Harrison supplied cocaine for Vanchiese Green Trafficking organization. Which sold the drugs in the Calcasieu area. Police have revealed that in the course of their investigations, Beloney was the loose thread that unraveled the drug trafficking operation.

In July of 2018, Police arrested Beloney after finding about 9 pounds of cocaine and 16 grams of cocaine base in a search of his vehicle. This precipitated an interest in his case which led Police to search his residence where they confiscated a total of $3,432 dollars, other controlled substances, and an unregistered Hi-Point .40-caliber handgun which was reported stolen. Police later discovered the identity of the other 5 who in cohorts with Eric Beloney were responsible for the distribution of about 150 kilograms of cocaine.

The famed 6 all pleaded guilty for their participation in the conspiracy with co-conspirators 44-year-old Anthony Celestine and Donnie Jermaine Lewis (42) both receiving 17 and a half year sentences for Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Cocaine. Vanchiese Green (43) and Eric Beloney (43) of Lake Charles were also sentenced to 9 and 15 years imprisonment for the same charges respectively. Tramicke Taylor (44) received the most lenient sentence, 5 years of probation for the same crime, he was in charge of transporting cash and cocaine for the drug trafficking group.

Harrison’s case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel J. McCoy and David J. Ayo in Lafayette, Louisiana.


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