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Good News! HugBunter is back.

Confirmed, the countdown has stopped. Ladies and gentlemen, the disappeared administrator has returned and has confirmed his identity to his loyal moderator, Paris, yes, Hugbunter is BACK.

Hash: SHA256

Rejoice! HugBunter has proved life!

For obvious reasons I won't go into why he disappeared. But I can confirm that he is ok and working hard at the finishing touches to the dread update. It's important not to let speculation and paranoia take over your reasoning.

He has confirmed himself in three big ways to me:

* He has shown that he has the correct access points to dread’s infrastructure which only Hug could possibly have. 

* Has pushed a large yet buggy (sorry but I got to say it as it is Hug) update with all the things which he previously said this new update will have.

* Has verified his identity with a specific code word sequence that also resets his deadman. Only HugBunter (and now I) know this sequence. Let me say if you don’t know it; you will never guess it.

Of course, there is nothing I can say to reduce the paranoia for the ones who went off the deep end on their conspiracy theories. Let me reiterate a good rule to follow when on the darknet. Trust nobody. Anyone can be out to get you. You should protect yourself with the technologies of MATH and JUST NOT BEING STUPID. If you follow basic protection (such as keeping separation of your darknet and real life self) there is really reason for you to be paranoid.  

Of course even with all these validation methods there is no true way to know if anyone is “truly” confirmed. The same protection we rely upon to keep our identities safe is the same protection which prevents us from truly confirming ourselves. At least with PGP we can be damn sure that they have at least encountered the person who generated the keys in the first place. It can’t guarantee they are the same person (because nobody knows who everyone is) but by having information and knowledge that only that person reasonably has to me that is good enough.

Hug my heart skipped a beat when you finally messaged me. So glad that you are alive. I would say I love you, but I don’t think a city can love a person.  

I guess we will find out when you fucking push that bug fix,

Edit: Forgot the timestamp. 
Bitcoin Block: 597311
Hash: 000000000000000000108867e3655a70358431a72189552521d0cb2349c8a43e


Hopefully the forum will be back online within next few hours.
Welcome back home HugBunter!


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  1. October 1, 2019 at 2:46 am RacistDolphin

    was pretty obvious.. and all the fake dead man stuff staged to act like hes not lazy/struggling with updates and had some *secret* reason to be gone... as if anyone would make some switch to delete and release a forum if someone were to not return in time.. It's a forum.. it doesn't contain secrets if someone captured him they don't care if they release forum code lol.. clearly "paris" was in communication the entire time, or thats hugbunters aka, and updates were late so they created some spooky story and act like they have backup plans for when he gets captured, hahahaha yeah RIGHT.

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  2. September 30, 2019 at 11:35 pm Cali4life

    wooow, I did nah expect this

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