The group are said to have made over a million euros in the sale of marijuana and ecstasy over the darkweb

Four vendors of marijuana and ecstasy have been sentenced for the distribution of the drugs over the darkweb as announced by a spokesperson from the 3rd Grand Criminal Court recently.

Their sentences varied, with two defendants receiving a ten and six-year sentence for playing more active roles in the trade, and the other two getting the longer stick; one – a suspended sentence and the other, 3 years in jail for cooperating with law enforcement and sharing information with them.

The four are accused of having been participants in a 12-man darkweb drug dealing group which allegedly made over 1.3 million euros in the sale and distribution of ecstasy and cannabis they stored in Sankt Augustin and Bonn in Germany. Other members of the criminal group have been sentenced and another four are yet to receive sentencing pending a trial which is slated to take place after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Their operations came under Police radar after a package members of the group mailed to a presumed customer failed because it was underpaid and had to be returned. They had shared a false return address, which received the package and the recipients in turn handed this over to the authorities, precipitating an investigation back in October of 2018.

They were found to have made over 11,000 sales online, using the darkweb as a conduit for their trading activities and offering different types of cannabis, including the more recreational flavoured ones as well as ecstasy, operating from a mobile phone shop in Sankt Augustin.

Public Prosecutors said that the group had made over 1.3 million euros after running their operations for little over 6 months, and that the group made the packages to order, mailing them to customers using the Postal Service.


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