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The database, set up to help identify child predators aided the Police in their investigations and subsequent pinning of some distribution of child pornography to Scott Wilson over the dark web

A man suspected of consuming child pornography obtained over the dark web has been arrested and charged after it was found that he had over a dozen photographs of children in sexually exploitive situations in his residence.

The accused, Scott Wilson (20) is likely to be charged with about 16 felony charges for this Possession of Child Pornography with Intent to deliver.

A newly established database charged with containing information that is being actively used by law enforcement to monitor and track down consumers of child pornography, from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was instrumental in the identification and consequent arrest of Wilson as well as others who use the dark web as a playground for the distribution and sale of child pornography.

Police found over a dozen images of child pornography on Wilson's devices in his home when they executed a search warrant

Wilson has since his arrest in January by law enforcement in Sarpy County earlier this year, been released upon signing a $5,000 USD bond agreement and is expected in court soon to set a trial date for his misdeeds.

Police Detective Josh McNeil of the La Vista County had this to say about the case.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a database of files that’s continuously being monitored that are confirmed child pornography images. Wilson came up several times over a period of a couple months, and we wrote a search warrant for the residence and seized his devices and located a lot of pornographic images on his devices...

Apparently, law enforcement traced the activity to his IP address and thus furthered his arrest.

He added that this technology is constantly evolving to keep up with criminal activity and is being used at present to identify child molesters and pedophiles on the dark web.

He stated,

We’re always going to be looking for this type of offense. It’s a game of us catching up to them and them finding another way to go about doing it, and us catching up to them again to figure out what they’re doing.

This is just one of the reportings of constant arrests and sentencings of many (largely) men who take advantage of the anonymity the dark web provides to enjoy footage of and in most cases exploit children themselves for sexual gratification, and it’s getting old rather quickly.

In any case, know this, while the dark web platform is available and open for all, it does not need to be branded a service that aids pedophiles to perpetuate the vile violence they often do against children.

And as phrased wisely by Liam Neeson and with a sentiment widely shared by law enforcement about pedophiles, “They will find you…” and you will spend a long time in jail for thinking the dark web will completely hide your disgusting acts.

Use the internet wisely.

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    Amen to the last two paragraphs

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