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Tor Project lets go of 13 staff members following lull in donations caused by COVID19 which contribute to the revenue responsible for keeping the Project afloat

A credible source of concern during these troubling times is job security, and as demonstrated by even some of the large corporations and businesses, no one is safe. In light of this, these issues beg the question, in the case of smaller businesses that operate mainly on goodwill and donations from patrons and supporters, how are members of staff expected to fare during this period?

The Tor Project recently announced that following a lull in donations and goodwill from customers and large supporters in recent times, they are left with no option than to let a third of their staff go, exacerbated by the COVID19 pandemic.

The group shared that in a fund raising campaign hosted at the end of the year 2019, they marked donations totalling $300,000 dollars and also received about $833,956 dollars, in revenue donated to them from people over the course of the year, and these have dwindled drastically with time in line with economic concerns brought about by the virus.

A statement they released on the matter reads,

Tor, like much of the world, has been caught up in the COVID-29 crisis. Like many other nonprofits and small business, the crisis has hit us hard, and we have had to make some difficult decisions.

We had to let go of 13 great people who helped make Tor available to millions of people around the world. We will move forward with a core team of 22 people, and remain dedicated to continuing our work on Tor Browser and the Tor software ecosystem.”

They added that this decision is to ensure that the project stays afloat, saying,

The world won’t be the same after this crisis, and the need for privacy and secure access to information will become more urgent. In these times, being online is critical and many people face ongoing obstacles to getting and sharing needed information.

We are taking today’s difficult steps to ensure the Tor Project continues to exist and our technology stays available.

We are terribly sad to lose such valuable teammates, and we want to let all our users and supporters know that Tor will continue to provide privacy, security and censorship circumvention services to anyone who needs them.

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  1. June 2, 2020 at 6:45 pm CBD_Evolution

    TAILS OS updated today. The TOR project remains resilient.

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