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Alford is accused of many several crimes including identity theft using the dark web, operating a chop shop and auto theft.

A dark web fake ID maker has been arrested in California for identity theft, auto theft and other petty crimes.

45-year old Hoover Alford was in the business of forging fake identification cards using images and data stolen from the dark web. Within a slated period, he began to gain some recognition as a fake ID maker and racked up many charges stealing people’s identities, cars and many others.

This precipitated a 4-month long investigation by the Fresno HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) taskforce that finally yielded some positive results as he was identified by law enforcement. In a search conducted in his residence in the Tulare and Chestnut area in Fresno County, investigators found multiple fake ID's, printers and computers, stolen credit cards and driver’s licenses, as well as two cars previously reported stolen all on his premises. They were a Dodge Challenger and a Ford Mustang valued at an estimated $40,000 USD and $80,000 dollars respectively.

Alford (left), Martinez (Top right)

Image Source: Twitter account of Fresno County Police Department

Alford has had other run ins with the law and in 2013 was arrested for identity theft. So far information about the charges he is likely to have brought against him are limited, however, Tony Botti, spokesman for the County’s Sheriff’s Department has said he might be facing felony charges of impersonation and forgery in addition to others.

He said about the range of Alford’s criminal activity,

Detectives will have to go through evidence and make sense of who’s been compromised. It’s fair to say there is at least hundreds of victims adding up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The investigations also culminated in the arrest of another man believed to be involved with Alford in his crimes. The 30-year old named Jose Martinez will also be facing felony charges of forgery and impersonation for extortion.


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