The market suddenly started locking vendors out of their accounts while still allowing users to make purchases, and cannot confirm exactly what the issue is, in line with classic exit scam behaviour

Apollon Market has been sketchy lately, with several instances of the market shutting out vendors and users from making deposits and locking some vendors out of their accounts.

While this was happening, it was noted that the market was still allowing users to make orders from vendors still; eliminating the argument that this could be due to a server issue, and all these as well as other abnormal activities have raised eyebrows concerning the validity of the market and whether or not they are exit scamming.

One such vendor shared,

My inactive vendor listing are going active. Vendor accounts locked, buyer accounts free. So they generate money. This guys, is a classic exit scam. Please don’t buy there anymore.

The Apollon Market has been in existence since 2018 and has provided both legal and illicit services to darknet users and vendors alike as darknet markets are wont to do – not without question, but has since garnered a name for itself as one of the largest darkweb markets there is.

From the time vendors started to call out the market’s administration, some have claimed that they have lost money in this lockdown, with one vendor claiming on Dread that this exit scam has resulted in the loss of $11,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency, launching a cautionary conversation over the dark web on this market.

Pictured is the Apollon Market

Users also raised concerns about the fact that they are unable to receive recent deposits made to their accounts.

Another user wrote this,

Deposited funds to verified mirror address for the wallet and was confirmed 30 times once I logged back in but the address was completely different and the balance said 0 and that no transaction occurred…

In light of these problems, several users have made speculations and regurgitated conspiracy theories to explain this behaviour and while nothing has been confirmed yet, users are sharing assertions that the Apollon Market prior to the exit scam were behind a number of coordinated DDOS attacks on other markets in a bid to change the agenda and possibly hide that they are exit scamming.

One “SamWhiskey” shared this on Dread, while it was yet experiencing the attacks,

Since the downtime we’ve had some reports of problems with Apollon…

Apollon market is paying for DDOS attacks against dread, avengers, the hub, envoy and empire. Most likely to cover up an exit scam.

Hugbunt3r, admin of Dread shared this a week back,

Targetted attacks like this can be used to conceal information from being shared such as a market exiting, a market being busted etc. Whatever the reasoning, something is going down.

He warned that users be vigilant on the various darknet marketplaces.

Another number of users are currently unable to sign into their accounts even though an apparent staffer of the market shared that they are facing some technical challenges saying,

There is a fault on our side after last update. We are working on it thank you for your patience and sorry for the delays. As the admin comes online all will be fine again. We locked all vendor accounts till we fix the issue. Please wait until resolution don’t reply the ticket.

This is information we have at present, and while we wait for more details and some answers, watch where you put your money. These streets are not safe.


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  1. September 22, 2021 at 8:55 pm getmoneyfast

    they are now scams , scammed me $80 on withdraw process , still withdraw is in process about 5 month LOL

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  2. February 5, 2020 at 4:54 am CBD_Evolution

    I do recall when they were giving out free vendor accounts to the last exit scamming markets, Cryptonia and Nightmare, what a blow to darknet moral. From here on out, I say be warry of markets offering free vendor accounts for refugees of exit scammed markets.

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