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He had in his possession more than 4000 videos and images of child pornography and even bragged about having sexual intercourse with a child

A British man said to be a resident of Anson Road was recently jailed for possession of child pornography and sentenced to two years and eight-months in a Bristol court.

John McGuiness from Locking, 57, was first arrested in 2017 for using the dark web as a conduit for getting and distributing pornographic material of very serious variations online.

Upon his arrest, a search conducted by law enforcement revealed that he had in his possession more than 4000 images and video of children recorded performing lewd and disgusting sexual acts as well as being abused on his personal laptop.

McGuiness will be serving out a 32-month sentence in prison for his misdeeds

He eventually confessed his guilt to six charges of possessing and distributing prohibited photographs of child pornography as well as separate charges of possessing pornography centred around bestiality and creating child pornography himself. In all he admitted to 11 sexual offences when arraigned before a judge in November of last year where he was granted unconditional bail by Judge Steve Mercer until he finally received sentencing in December.

In line with some of the punitive measures set for child pornographers and pedophiles operating over the dark web in recent times, it is unclear how McGuiness managed to get away with carrying such an immense amount of child pornography with less than 3 years in prison. Especially considering the fact that he himself is confirmed to have boasted of defiling a child and committing varied lewd and illegal sexual acts.


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