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The three are accused of selling steroids over the darkweb, laundering money and using the postal service to mail illicit drugs and money

A dark web drug dealer on the AlphaBay and Dream Market has finally pled guilty in an Ohio Court for his role in what has been described as a conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids over the dark web.

52-year old Eric Angle, a resident of Pennsylvania has confessed to being a part of a three-man crew responsible for the illegal sale and distribution of steroids on the dark web. He even accepted responsibility for distributing more than 721 grams of steroids on his own.

The group, with John M. Ambrose (40), Ronald D. Roginsky (52) and Angle himself, who labelled themselves as "qu4ntum" on the dark web platforms made a killing in cryptocurrency which was the tender they received selling many drugs imported from China and widely distributed throughout the U.S.

Pictured here is the AlphaBay Market

This case, which first gained the interest and consequent investigation from the FBI, Homeland Security, IRS and the U.S Postal Inspection Service as well as the Medina County Drug Task Force resulted in an indictment of three defendants, including Angle. The indictment alleges that the three used Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency to hide their criminal activity from law enforcement, money laundering, used the internet as a conduit for the distribution of the drugs, and importing said drugs illegally.

After the indictment, which happened back in September of last year, all 3 have pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against them, somewhat in a bid to have a more lenient sentence. One of the accused, Roginsky was made by the court to forfeit over $200,000 USD in cash, some Bitcoin, and three cars he purchased with the proceeds of the illegal trade.

The three will face sentencing later in April in a court in the Northern District of Ohio and the case will be presided over by Judge James Gwin.


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