The trio are said to have engaged in a drug trafficking operation from 2015, estimated to have made about 140 million yen in sales since its inception.

Three individuals have been arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police under suspicion of them being in a mail order drug scheme operating over the darkweb.

The three, two unnamed and one 45-year old identified as Takeshi Sugino are accused of having peddled large quantities of drugs – moving the product through mail, the sales of which run into 140 million yen using the darkweb, and social messaging app Telegram as a conduit for their trading activities.

Late February, the three were rounded up and arrested by Police who found on their person about 230 grams of drugs in liquid and powder form valued at 34,000 yen which they were enroute to distribute in a house in an area called Katsushika Ward.

This precipitated further investigations into the trio and search warrants executed at various residences and stash houses came up with about 10 kilos of said liquid and powdered drugs including hallucinogens, estimated at a value of about 97 million yen as well as production materials and equipment, including beakers which they are believed to have used to make their own products.

Police also say they found a customer ledger containing details of transactions and buyer information listing about 500 names they are likely to follow up on to make further arrests.

The scheme is suspected to have been running from December of 2015 and has been in operation since, making booming profits in cryptocurrency and staying under the radar of law enforcement due to their use of the darkweb.


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