Experienced in creating fake companies and websites to lure victims, the group even created its own macOS malware to compromise users without detection

A hacking group known as Lazarus popular for attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and banking institutions has come up with another way to steal cryptocurrency.

The group, suspected to be affiliated with the North Korean government has been accused of putting their hacking expertise to use and racking up $2 billion dollars for the country in stolen cryptocurrency from exchanges and banks as funds to facilitate the latter’s regime.

This new approach the group has come up with involves the use of Windows AppleJeus malware which is used to attack victims’ devices cloaked as a WFC wallet updater to gain access. This is precipitated first by using a fake website to ensnare victims. Another more popular method used was social media, masked by the friendly outlook of an app called Telegram which they set up in December of 2018 and manipulate to send victims the malicious software hidden in the fake installer which is nigh impossible to detect.

They targeted users in Russia, the United Kingdom amongst many others

Once in, they remotely start to control victim’s assets and money and are believed to have operated in many countries including Poland, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and some others in Asia and Europe.

In light of this, Telegram has come out with a statement from a spokesman who has appealed to users to avoid panic and that this information that has come to light has nothing to do with a breach in their system.

He added that downloading files on the app is akin to downloading files over the internet and users must take precautions such as installing good antivirus and only downloading files from trusted parties to ensure that they are not exposing themselves to viruses and malware.

As of now, the group has not been tracked down and they might still be continuing their activities without fear of retribution from law enforcement and in light of the recent upsurge in Bitcoin prices, cryptocurrency exchanges are top of the target chain to be hacked. There’s no telling the heights of technological advancement these attackers will go to exploit unsuspecting user, so it goes without saying that protecting data and valuing security must be top priority from now on.


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