The Art of Mimicking (Part 1)


Mimicking is something that alot of people do by 'pretending' to be someone they're not.
In real life, It ruins the relations and might hurt when one learns that he's been deceived.

But for the Dark Web users, its very different as it is needed in order to survive in the long run.
Taking all the opsec measures might keep you safe in the cyber world but without mimicking you have all the weapons to defend yourself but no armour. The reason behind is that all of us are humans, And humans are vulnerable even if you're a smart person who hides his dark activities from his personal life, there's still a chance that you can be exploited. It has higher chances of wounding those who are in contact with different people on the Dark Web, whether they are your regular clients or a buddy you have gotten close to and the list goes on.

In Cyber Security, A honeypot is a safety mechanism that protects the system from attackers, It deceives the attacker by pretending to be the 'machine' and having fake information, files  which can fool the attacker. It also analyzes the movement of the attacker and can sometimes deflect them and at the same time deceive them.

The Characteristics of Honeypot & Mimicking are the same. This should give you an idea of how important it is in our daily
Dark Life. To help you understand better, I'll tell you a fictional story.

-Mike joins a spooky looking chat and discovers some amazing people, And he makes a friend "Ashley"
Ashley gives off such a charismatic energy that's hard to resist just like your first crush.They become close friends,  Mike reveals some info about him such as his financial crisis, Academic Failure, his age, how he started working for drug suppliers and the country he's from. Ashley does the same. The two slowly gets closer and closer to the point where they reveal their identities to each other. At this point, Ashley reveals to Mike that She's actually a Guy, and how he just got exploited. The Guy threatens to Dox him or even worst give the feds a tip about his dark business unless Mike pays him a large amount of money.

You might say Mike was just a thirsty person but that's not the subject, The point is how vulnerable humans can be. And how easily they can be exploited, how they give out little bits of info here and there 0which when mended together create a pretty good hash that can be cracked.

Pretending or Mimicking doesn't imply to just 'pretend'. One creates a new self image, a new personality, new hobbies, new accent, for him truth is what you call lies. A good practise of Mimicking is to split your real life persona from your dark persona.
And to create your dark persona, you pretend that you were born today, like a child learns how to walk, catches onto the accent etc
You design it and 'wear it' piece by piece, Your Dark persona doesn't recognize or know anything about Real life Persona. To you he's a stranger you have never seen in your life and vice versa. You start with a new name, age, gender, education, nationality, country you live in, language you speak, religion, political views, sexual preference, your interests, hobbies, occupation, fictional friends, health issues, financial status, fake stories from past, your skills and so on.

The idea is to make your Dark persona look like a fictional character to make it look as legit as it can, the more details you add the more legit it gets. And when you think you're ready, Ask yourself, Who are you? Which voice answered it in your head, your Dark Persona? or the other voice you hear sometimes but don't recognize it.

Before you adapt to your new Persona, rehearse it in your head.
Vulnerable people leave out little pieces of information about them when they engage in a forum or community such as Dread, So you should interact with people while giving some details of your Dark Persona. It doesn't mean that you should reply with something completely unrelated to the topic. Leave details only when the topic is something you can play along to.

Furthermore will be discussed in part 2.


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