How Dark Web Scam sites affect it's victims


Newbies are very often the prey of scammers as they cannot tell the difference between legit or scam, this causes them to not only lose money but also affects their state of mind.


Dark Web is the sketchy corner you go to when you're desperate to get your needs.
You'll find many get-rich-overnight deals like PayPal Transfers, 1 BTC Wallet for $500.
While most of them might be obvious scams but some people are too naive to know the difference.
The same people were introduced to the Dark Web by a YouTuber who went 'exploring', showing scam sites
containing credit cards, weapons, dollar bills, hacker for hire etc

The lack of carelessness by the YouTuber causes the newbies to go looking for similar products through which they
can get rich quickly, the first step they usually make is to find 'onion links' which contains dozens of onion sites
categorized. However most onion link sites either knowingly promote scam sites or list a chunk of onions without testing them
or marking them as scam, this causes newbies to visit scam sites and lose their money by trying to purchase a $25000 transfer for
$1000, since newcomers don't really have an idea about legit or scam, they'll continue to gamble their money on multiple scam sites
hoping to get rich. At the moment more than 80% of onions, are scam sites, every week scammers make over 5 BTC.

This affects some victims badly as they were going through financial disaster and the only reason they even bothered, was to
try and make things better quickly just as they had seen or heard from the clearnet. Over time i have seen some posts on
different forums, discussions on chats where the victim vented his/her story and the tragic circumstances that
forced them to think they could easily get their needs, some of these victims were at the rock bottom of their lifes
and they gave away everything they had. These victims also talked about suicidal idealization, planning to kill themselves
in a painless way, while all of them might not have tried or succeeded, some obviously attempted suicide & achieved it.

Whereas scammers are living a luxurious life.

If the newcomers were properly informed by the YouTubers they watched, such disasters wouldn't have taken place.
Speaking of which, whether you're new or old you shouldn't believe something that sounds like a overnight miracle.
Scammers take different forms, they will pretend to be what you need them to be.


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