Ross Ulbricht might get pardoned or commuted by Trump


Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road is serving a lifetime in prison, but Trump might commute him before leaving office.

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road was charged with computer fraud, money laundering and
drug charges. And in 2015 he was given a life sentence without parole. Many criminal justice reform activists
called it an excessive harsh sentence. Although other administrators and moderators received sentences ranging
from 17 months to six and a half years. Attorneys also presented chat logs at trial which shows Ulbricht
paying for the murder of five silk road users who stole from the site and even tried to dox Ulbricht.
Since no the users were not murdered the murder charges were dismissed with prejudice.

However Ulbricht has a great chance to see the light once again.
Donald Trump at his final days at the presidential office before Inauguration day takes place on January 20 replacing him with
his democrat opponent, Joe Biden.

The White House counsel's office has had documents under review which were related to Ulbricht's case and recently
Trump was acknowledged about Silk Road, Ulbricht's sentence and the appeals of two Ulbricht's allies.
Sources said that Trump privately expressed sympathy for Ulbricht's situation and has been considering him for his next round of
pardons and commutations before the inauguration day. Though it is still not confirmed if Trump has come to a decision yet
but since Trump has previously made over 45 acts of clemency which is lower than the previous presidents over
the last 100 years, there's still a possibility that he'll end up showing some mercy to Ulbricht as he often
makes his decisions in accordance with appeals from celebrities, conservative media, republican allies, his advisers
including his children, Giuliani and son-in-law.

Earlier this year, Activist Weldon Angelos forwarded documents relating to Ulbricht, to his contacts in the white
house. Angelos said: "In the beginning of the year, Ulbricht's family had reached out to us for our support,
my organization and i have endorsed his full commutation and i am hopeful that President Trump will commute
his sentence in it's entirety. This case has perhaps more support than i have seen in any case of this kind."

Ulbrict has gained lots of supporters many of whom include presidential advisers, criminal justice,
activists, celebrities, crypto fans, as well as libertarians. Support for Ulbricht has gained attention from all
over the media, which has started multiple campaigns and petitions online.

Ulbricht's mother, Lyn Ulbricht made a statement that said:
“We’re very grateful for and admire all President Trump has done for criminal justice reform, especially
passing the First Step Act, because that has freed thousands of desperate and deserving people, some of whom
I know. We’re praying and remain hopeful that he will show mercy on Ross, as he has others, and commute
his sentence to time served and give my son a second chance at life."

Earlier this year,
Trump commuted Tynice Nichole Hall who was charged for manufacturing, distribution and possession
of crack cocaine, She served 14 years out of 18 sentence.

Trump also commuted Crystal Munoz who served 12 out of 15 years in prison for marijuana-related charges.

The most generous one was when, Trump commuted Judith Negron who was involved in a $205 million dollars fraud which
included health care fraud as well as money laundering. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but she only
served 8 years before she was commuted.

Ulbricht's attorneys previously made two attempts to appeal his sentence in federal courts which went in vain.
We're hopeful that Trump will commute him before the inauguration day.


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