Interview with Dark Market Manager


Today, The Onion Web interviewed the manager of Dark Market


Why did you decided to get involved in a Darknet market?

I had known Dark for many years and they believed that the Darknet was lacking in serious markets that are truly dedicated to vendors and customers,
in the last year alone more than a dozen markets have exited sadly, this made vendors and buyers alike lose confidence in markets integrity,
we hope to restore the faith in the Darknet community.

What is your role at Dark Market? What is the current staff of Dark Market? How many people are handling disputes?

My role on Dark Market is to advise staff in making decisions and directing market policy in relation to handling scammers, dispute tickets and listing rules etc.

In the past we saw some markets as Pandora or Agape which claimed to be run by women, is Dark Market's staff composed of women?

Yes the market is composed of women.

How was Dark Market affected by the exit scam that Empire pulled off?

Alot of vendors and buyers we knew were shocked that Empire's admins could do such a thing,
after claiming to be the successor of Alphabay. But everyone knew that the trading must go on no matter what,
there was a large influx of ex-Empire members which caused our userbase to grow instantly and now reaching to nearly half a million users at this time.

What increase have you noticed in terms of users and trading volume since Empire exit scam? And how do you feel about it?

In the first day, we had tens of thousands of new users joining everyday and a massive boost in our trading volume.
We were happy to see so many veteran vendors signing up too.

At the time of this interview, I see that you took down your Market's forum. Are you planning to open it soon or is it a final decision?

Right now, the forum is up. It was taken down during a DDOS recently, but we do plan to change it in the future.
The reason behind is that we plan to use it as a center to rebuild a part of the Darknet community that has been stagnant for sometime.

How many staff members are at Dark Market?

Currently, there are 7 staff members.

Who handles disputes?

Disputes are handled by a number of moderators.

Is Dark Market offering some unique features? Do you plan to add any new features in the future? If so, could you mention some of them?

Dark Market offers a wide range of features, and we intend to expand the list of features in the future thanks to some helpful suggestions from a
number of vendors including cottageindustries. We are going to add various features such as Vendor Stats, importing dispute, options allowing orders
to be split 50/50, vendors can not only add an avatar but customize their profile page, and accepting both bitcoin and monero.

Whose idea was it to change the logo of Dark Market and can you recall how many times it has been changed and what is going to be the next change?

It was changed once and it kind of became a thing and now it changes every month or so which is nice :)

Do you have any idea who is DDOSIN the Dark Market? Have you received any extortions or Is it just anonymous attacks?

We suspect a competitor market but we have no way of verifying it.

What are your thoughts on markets exit-scamming? Do you think if the time ever comes to shutdown, would you prefer to leave
respectfully and stand out from the rest by letting users withdraw coins?

Admins that exit scam should not be respected, Empire for example should not be remembered as a good market they were completely unprofessional
they stole the reputation of Alphabay and did the complete opposite of what the Alphabay offered, they even fucked over skilled pentesters who had
helped them harden their security like stackz420 for no reason. No market lasts forever but we are planning to stay around for some time but when we
go we do plan to close down professionally like Agora did, we are a wallet less market so it would only be escrow holdings and naturally yes those
orders would be moderated until the user receives the product but again that is a long way away.

Whats the market growth rate in these past 3 months, Do you think that the market will keep growing?

We see ourselves only growing larger since we already have everything it takes to be at the top spot.

Dark Market has undoubtedly become a top market, did you expected this?

Yeah i believe that Darknet users recognized the potential our team had and the benefits it could bring the darknet community,
because without the community the marketplaces would not exist.

Did your team developed the ANTI-DDOS Captcha or did Mr White shared it with Dark Market?

Mr.White shared it with us and we have a lot of respect and appreciation for him he is a pillar of the darknet community.

Dark Market is one of the few markets that still uses referral code, Do you get many users with that?

Yeah it has helped the market grow significantly.

What drug is the most sold on the market?

Cannabis, God's gift of course :)

Would you like to say something to the readers?

Thanks for taking the time to read about our Market we hope that you'll try the Dark Market and have a good experience :)
We believe Markets need to be held to a higher standard and potency. we hope to set an example for all professional markets
that will come after us, if you have any feedback or suggestions just let us know in The Onion Webs comment section or
message us on dread or the market. Thanks for the continued support :)


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