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HackTown is a university for aspiring hackers that provides courses on fraud, hacking, ransomwares etc all specially designed for newbies. Today, The Onion Web interviewed the admin of HackTown

What are your skills?

I’ve been in and out of the black hat hacking scene my whole life and turned cyber-criminal for a few years.

The hacking skills I possess are those that make up a cyber-criminal which include:

  • - Social Engineering
  • - Coding my own RATs and ransomware for personal profit.
  • - Web Application hacking.
  • - Python
  • - Wi-Fi Hacking
  • - AV evasion techniques and tactics.

I’m a self taught home grown hacker but have also taken post secondary computer security courses along with holding many certifications in the field (CEH, CSSP, GIAC, etc.) but I focus on the hacking skills needed for an effective cyber-criminal.

What inspired you into creating HackTown?

I cashed out all my profits after Bitcoin skyrocketed and never looked back. However, too much free time on my hands made me eventually go bananas and I was sick of seeing such shit in the forums. The amount of misinformation out there was crazy. I realized how much more difficult it is now to learn certain “hacking” information and there was such a void out there for newcomers.

There wasn’t a place that would teach me what I want to know. Just posts in forums touching on topics but not giving me the goods I needed. I was pretty high on A LOT of drugs one night and I had a moment about creating HackTown. I wanted to create a place based on my experience and expertise as a cyber-criminal to teach people what I would want to be taught when I first started out.

HackTown is meant to teach you how I was successful financially through cyber-crime so others can replicate my tactics, techniques, and procedures for their own financial gains.

How long were you a member of Torum before it went down? Do you miss it?

Too long. I really can’t remember when I joined there but I lurked for a long time before making a different handle and contacting people who I deemed would make good associates for what I was into.

I don’t miss it. Torum had so much more potential but was flooded with posts about “how to hack my girlfriend” topics and that type of people. In the end there was too much crap on there to make it anything worth wild.

Few months ago a group of Iranian hackers accidentally leaked their hacking videos which were created for their members. Do you plan on creating educational videos anytime soon?

Accidentally or we’re hacked and posted online? ;)

Yes there is only a few videos within the Hacktown courses right now. In the latest update being pushed out shortly this will increase the amount of videos for people to watch and learn from. I’m looking at creating more in the future. As time passes on HackTown will improve and be better.

Alot of con artists aka scammers pretend to offer social media hacks for which many people fall for. Do you believe that it's possible to do so without phishing?

It’s more than phishing these days.

Phishing is just one skill required in order to successfully compromise and individual these days. Social engineering is a large part of being successful. 

Without phishing or infecting the individual(s) with malware to gleam their online credentials form their laptop nothing else can accomplish the task.

In terms of hacking, What kind of successes you had?

The moment I decided to step over that line into a cyber-criminal life it took me just under (2) years to make over a million dollars. Cryptcurrency boom happened and I checked out.

Many people argue over which distro is best for pentesting and claim that kali is overrated? What are your thoughts on it?

Kali. Use Kali and install the tools you use in Kali on a remote server when using your attacks in the wild.

Are there any upcoming features we should expect from HackTown?

HackTown should be complete in 2021 with all courses released. I’m releasing courses based on my experience and eventually all courses will be released. Once this happens I can improve on HackTown logistics and operations.

Once ACT VI is released early next year there will be an opportunity to work collectively within HackTown and gain experience when working in a large group when dealing with RATs and ransomware.

It will be a unique opportunity to work together and will have future “missions” to participate in.

Do you think you would ever offer your own scripts, bots, malwares etc for sale?

Yes. This is currently the case. At the “Armory” you can purchase the latest and greatest malware out there.

DDOS attacks play a big role in taking down onions, if HackTown was under heavy DDOS attack. How would you defend yourself against it?

The same as everyone else. Roll out CAPTCHAs and onion balance the servers. DDOS on hidden services is a constant battle.

What would you like to say to the aspiring hackers who struggle to find the right path to begin?

Don't go on forums looking for this knowledge in the beginning.

It's best to take an online course that's already geared towards new "hackers". It's best to download and go through courses already released such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Offensive Security, and eLearnSecurity. Some of those courses are leaked and available to download torrents for.

It'll put you on the right path without getting lost down the rabbit hole giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

Lastly, focus on what you're good at. If you're not a master programming that's OK because you can use free tools or purchase the ones you required.

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  1. January 28, 2021 at 7:55 pm jake99

    they getting to something big, i am following these guys since long, and i think they're about to become in something big. #dreadbeready

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