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He is accused of having sold thousands of the drugs, which are prescription only, and mostly used the dark web as a conduit for making his sales

A dark web drug dealer has been arrested and sentenced for his role in the illegal distribution of the drug Diazepam which is often used in the treatment of anxiety, muscle spasms, panic disorders amongst many others

The dealer, who also traded in Xanax was identified as Stephen Henry-Palmer, a resident of Retford in Nottinghamshire had his day in court where he pleaded guilty to Distributing Diazepam and Zanex, a name brand of Xanax, as well as Possession with Intent to Supply Diazepam and Xanax.

The two, which are both strictly prescription drugs, were peddled over the dark web by Henry-Palmer, who paid for them in Bitcoin and later supplied to a clientele in person and also over dark web platforms and forums.

He appears to have been let off by the Judge due to some mental and physical challenges

Law enforcement has shared that they discovered Henry-Palmer’s identity after tracking down a delivery he made to two other clients by mail. One of such clients insisted that he found the dealer online and retrieved contact information on said forum in lieu of making a delivery of about a 100 pills of Diazepam and had paid for it in Bitcoin.

Upon making this discovery, law enforcement conducted a search of his residence where they found and seized more than 21,300 of the two drugs - well over the threshold for personal use. Their investigations later proved that he was importing some quantities of the drugs from France and India.

Recently though, when Palmer had his day in court, Judge James Sampson who presided over the case noted that Henry-Palmer’s claim that he only purchased the drugs for the treatment of his own illnesses was bogus and stated that while it was indeed true that Palmer had “profound medical issues both physical and mental” it was not an excuse fit enough for him to engage in the sale of these sophisticated drugs for his own gain.

He said,

What is particularly serious about this is you were effectively dispensing drugs – which are ordinarily controlled and available on a prescription by a doctor. What saves you today is your medical position and your genuine ill health. It will not save you again.

Shortly after, he handed down Henry-Palmer a 10-month sentence suspended for two years. In March, it is expected that a proceeds of crime application will hold in court to attempt to recover some of the proceeds of Henry-Palmer’s illicit drug trade. At the moment, there is no knowledge of his Bitcoin accounts and the darkweb marketplace he predominantly conducted business in has since been shut down.


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