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The darkweb forum modeled after Reddit has now announced two new mirrors users can ply to visit the site

The popular darkweb platform known as Dread has announced that they will now be operating under two .onion mirrors that users can access to use the platform.

The site has faced serious downtimes in the past, due to multiple and aggressive DDOS attacks and technical difficulties brought out by the sheer number of users on the platform.

Speaking on the new development, administrator and founder of the platform Hugbunt3r shared this on his verified Reddit page.

Today we launched 2 new permanent mirrors which should help spread out the load and whilst they are under attack and have been intermittently online, they are doing their job and we just need to make some final adjustments now to hopefully improve uptime.

He added that the new mirrors can be found via the links,

dreadditelvynevo.onion, [currently undergoing some work to make it fully functional]

dreadicfrostedva.onion, [which is currently online and fully operational]

And shared that he appreciated the calm of users who have given them time to work through these issues.

Addressing the reason behind the change, Paris – co-admin on the site shared that this was needed to address scalability issues on the onion balance system and provide a system that could withstand some of the technical difficulties that arose from using the onionbalance system.

He said,

Due to scalability issues with onionbalance (it doesn’t scale well after 9 instances) we are introducing two new ADDRESSES.

Adding that this was due to efforts from admin Hugbunt3r and donations from loyal users and advertisers who contribute income on the site.

In another post, he shared that collective load of the site has gone up since their bounce back following the last major attack and but for the work of the onionbalanced Tor layer which facilitated and held up this number of connections all at once.

He said,

A HUNDRED THOUSAND CONNECTIONS AT ONCE! I would like to thank the line onionbalanced Tor layer with extensive nginx level load balancing for making this possible. If it wasn’t for them working perfectly all our servers would have imploded from the collective load this attack brought.

He explained,

Now you might find we are switching onions here and there. That’s in an attempt to not have guard nodes get overloaded too much and cause a chain reaction where one then two then five then all of them go down. We got to give time to proves these circuits.

He added his thanks for the Tor Project and network and finished his statement,

"Stick with us though. We are making history!”

The site is now operational, however services are limited to discourage the attackers behind the DDOS attacks and access can be gained from the active link shared in this post.


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