Sipuli Market SEIZED


Sipuli Market which was the only Finnish Market just got seized.

Another finnish market went down

Sipuli Market which was launched in 2019 shortly after Finnish Silk Road also known as Valhalla went down in spring 2019. Sipuli Market which seemed to be
the perfect candidate for becoming the successor of Valhalla, but sadly Europol's operation has once again taken down another market. 

On december 11th Europol & Finnish Customs made an announcement that they have shut down the Sipuli Market dark web marketplace and seized all of its content.
 Finnish Customs stated: "Finnish Customs has seized the web server and contents of the Silpuli Market trade site in its entirety …
Finnish Customs has also carried out a bitcoin seizure."

It was not reported whether any of the admins were arrested or not though the downfall of Sipuli Market is quite similar to Valahlla which
was also taken down by seizing the servers & btcs stored in admin's wallet. This also gives us a clue that both markets didn't had good security
as both markets fell on the same track. Sipuli's Market is replaced by the seizure banner which reads:
THIS HIDDEN SERVICE HAS BEEN CLOSED by the Finnish Customs in conjunction with the Cybercrime Department of Provincial Police Headquarters
in Wrocław with the support of Europol and Eurojust for aggravated narcotics offenses.

Sipuli Market where only finnish speakers were allowed, was the only market that stood its ground in finnish community.
And it's seizure has shook all the members of the finnish community.


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