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The arrested Colusa County-based dealer now faces a mandatory maximum of 20 years for the sale of marijuana on the dark web though he is likely to get less after Federal Sentencing Guidelines are applied

If you patronise drug vendors on dark web platforms, this might be for you. A 29-year-old marijuana plug over darkweb markets identified as Eric Friccero, alias “BudgetBudsExpress” has just recently admitted in court to Possessing with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance.

The plea which took place in an Eastern California court saw Friccero confessing to running a dark web drug business and using the proceeds for sustenance.

Scheduled to receive sentencing on the 17th of August by District Judge Kimberly Mueller, BudgetBudsExpress is going to have to face the consequences of his actions bearing a 20-year maximum mandatory sentence as well as a fine of one million US dollars.

Friccero operated on dark web markets, serving as a dispensary for the drug for the online community

In a joint investigation conducted from a number of law enforcement agencies, intended to take down criminal organisations and drug peddlers over the dark web, there was enough information gathered about Friccero to get a search warrant which they executed at his residence in Arbuckle in January of last year and there discovered an unknown amount of hard cash, marijuana for sale as well as bitcoin information which they then used to build a more stable case against him.

This operation, which was saddled with the responsibility of arresting other similar criminals was handled by a group comprising the FBI, U.S Postal Inspection Office, the DEA and Criminal Investigations Unit of the IRS, Homeland Security as well as the Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task (NCIDE) Force which is a more localised group bent on exposing, apprehending and putting away participants of criminal activity on the dark web and cryptocurrency markets.

The case is currently being prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office, headed by Paul Hemesath and Grant B. Rabenn.

Now the question arises, now that marijuana is mostly legal in many states in the United States, is it really worth running the risk of doing 20 years for – for selling it illegally on the dark web?


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