How to Access the Darknet?


A one-minute download is all you need to access the Darknet. Let's get in!

This guide is intended to be straight to the point. How to access the Dark web using Windows PC computers or using your Android phone.

Users in censored countries. If you live in a country that does not have a good relationship with the internet please read this guide.

Some things newbies should know:

1. The Dark net is not like what you are used to. There is not a reliable search engine as Clearnet with Google. How do you find the sites you want to visit? Basically using directories. You have to be careful with this because the vast majority of directories are scams. But do not worry because on this portal you can find the most updated and largest directory of existing hidden services within the Dark web. Please do not access other directories that you can find in the clearnet. And remember: The only real Hidden Wiki is powered by The Onion Web. The rest of them are just directories full of scam sites.

2. Darkweb domains do not use .com, .net... They use .onion and they are very long. And yes, they don't make sense. This is the Onion Web domain: http://onionwsoiu53xre32jwve7euacadvhprq2jytfttb55hrbo3execodad.onion/

After you read this guide, you may be interested in:

- Getting a VPN to be anonymous.

- The Hidden Wiki: Find all dark net sites to visit.

How to access the Dark net/Dark Web?

You cannot access the darkweb using firefox or google chrome. You need a special browser called TOR Browser. And yes, that's all you need to access Dark Web. Let's do it.



1. Download TOR Browser from Please do not download it from anywhere else.

2. For Windows PC, Tor Browser comes as an EXE file, so, yeah. It's basically like installing any other software. You can choose your desktop as the install location. This is because it is a portable software.

3. Once the browser is installed, you can see a folder called Tor Browser. Open it and inside you'll see "Start Tor Browser.exe". Click that file and a new window opens asking whether you'd like to connect directly to the Tor network or if you need to configure proxy settings first. Unless you are in a country with censonship, choosing the direct option is best, so choose Connect.

4. Now you can check The Hidden Wiki by The Onion Web and find a site to visit.



1. Go to Google Play and download the app called ''Tor Browser''

2. Open the app, click on connect and wait. You should get a screen like this one:

3. Click on the top header, where it says ''about:tor" here you can type the onion domain you want to visit. That's all. Good luck!

Advice: Domains are very long, so you can visit and copy your link from there, so you only have to paste it.


This guide will be updated soon with more information and how to access darknet using Linux computers, IOS and MacOS.


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