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The accused posits that he purchased the 25I-NBOMe drug on the Silk Road dark web market back when it was up and running in 2012 and was in part responsible for the overdose of the teenage who took 4 doses of said drug

A man from Camino in the California area on Monday pled guilty to distributing a controlled substance called 25I-NBOMe that resulted in the death of a teenager.

The accused, 28-year old Elijah Richter was identified as the source after doses of the controlled substance was sold to a dealer named Jesse Roberts in 2012 and later found its way to the deceased teenager named Alejandro Avila who overdosed on it.

He is suspected of having ordered the substance from the rather acclaimed but now shut down Silk Road market on the dark web along with other hallucinogenic substances. Taking advantage of the anonymity the site provided, Richter is said to have ordered multiple doses of the substance from Europe and later resold them to Jesse Roberts as well as other dealers and users.

He admitted in a plea agreement that he indeed sold the drugs but to customers he believed were purchasing them for personal use only, and certainly was not expecting that they would inevitably find its way to a teenager, who lost his life as a result.

Pictured here: Convicted Jesse Roberts and Elijah Lee Richter

Image Source: The Sacramento Bee website []

The case, which from the get-go was handled by law enforcement and investigative agencies ranging from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to the local law enforcement in the area along with the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office in accordance with the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) program was aimed at curbing drug trafficking, money laundering and its related crimes in the United States and took a particular interest in this case to make an impact seeing as the dark web plays somewhat of a key role in the distribution of opioids and money laundering in the country.

Police say after Richter was identified, they executed a search warrant out for his residence where they discovered and confiscated 2.61 grams of ecstasy, 3.81 grams of what appears to be hash oil, 42.25 grams of marijuana, 89 tablets of what they believed was 25I-NBOMe kept on paper as well as 7 of the same pills kept in aluminium foil, three digital scales which he is suspected of using to sell his product and a handwritten note containing details of drugs and their correct dosage units.

Richter’s accomplice, Jesse Roberts however, had his punishment swiftly meted out to him by the law as he was sentenced to six-years imprisonment for involuntary manslaughter following his conviction in March of 2017.

Richter, following his confession is yet to be sentenced but is still in Police Custody at the Mule Creek State Prison and is expected in court on April 27th where he will receive the appropriate punishment for the crime as determined by the court presided over by District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller in accordance with Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

The charge levelled against him [involuntary manslaughter] carries penalties ranging from a maximum statutory penalty of life imprisonment, a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years in jail as well as a $10 million dollar fine.


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