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Administrator of Germany’s biggest darknet marketplaces was arrested and is expected to stand trial later in March of this year

In July of last year, investigators laid claim to a darkweb platform known as Fraudsters which housed a number of illegal activities, goods and services from guns to drugs to credit card fraud amongst many others and was based in Germany.

Described as one of the biggest and the “heart of the darknet in Germany”, the site hosted criminal services ranging from internet scams, the sale of drugs by the kilogram, prescription drugs, counterfeiting documents and counterfeit money as well as stolen data.

Its administrator Andre P, AKA “Ebola” was identified and brought before regional court where he was indicted and charged with Possession of Drugs and the Possession of Illegal Firearms [said to be three pistols] and also for his involvement in about 110 other criminal cases related to the Fraudsters platform.

Pictured here: Andre P. AKA "Ebola"

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The site which offered a variety of services as well as taking commissions for sales and advertising for vendors is expected to have made a lot of money, the proceeds of which are yet to be discovered or traced due to Andre’s refusal to cooperate with law enforcement.

Law enforcement has said that following the seizure of the site they have been successful in narrowing down close to a 1700 criminal cases and are still working on identifying and apprehending its suspects responsible. All services and goods were paid for with Bitcoin in line with anonymous nature of dealings over the dark web and the site also offered escrow services per request.

Ebola is expected to be arraigned before court for a full seven trial days before March where a main trial will take place.


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