The website managed to evade suspicion for a while by posing as a legitimate service intended to aid users protect themselves from cyber threats

The U.S Department of Justice along with the FBI recently announced the seizure of popular internet website named weleakinfo.com.

The website as well as the domain name has now been suspended and the FBI in conjunction with the Department of Justice have issued notices to inform users of the site of the seizure, which was facilitated by a District Court in Columbia which allowed the agencies a warrant to halt the site’s activities.

The site which was primarily popular for providing users access to ill-gotten personal data acquired from data breaches and compromised databases boasted of records which they say amounts to about 12 billion accounts names, passwords, usernames, phone numbers etc. all for subscription fee and separate access levels.

A banner on the website as put up by the authorities

These agencies are currently investigating the site and possible owners and administrators and are calling on individuals who might have information on said persons to blow the whistle.

Their investigation is closely assisted by many international law enforcement agencies including the Netherlands National Police Corps, the German Bundeskriminalamt, which is the Criminal Police Agency in Germany as well as Police from Northern Ireland and the U.K.

The site prior to the seizure, advertised a variety of services including decryption of hashes and said their database was perfect for conducting research on data breaches.

At the moment, no entities or persons have been arrested for their involvement with the domain, and law enforcement are still investigating while appealing for tips from the general public.


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