A step by step guide on how to access and buy on White House Market.

Today’s guide will be centred on how to navigate the White House Market. Now, first off you would need to use the TOR browser to access the market – for your protection and also because this is not a Clearnet site and cannot be reached using any other browsers.

Upon accessing the .onion site, you will be met with a DDOS protection page, where you basically have to complete a captcha system to prove you are not a bot. It is also likely that if your javascript is turned on, the site will send a pop up warning asking you to disable javascript to prevent others from tracking your location.

This page also contains basic information on what you would need to access the market including the PGP public key and general information on how to avoid phishing sites.

Step One

Step two involves a simple approach, after correctly inputting the captcha as requested, you will be directed to a sign up or login page, where as a new user you would have to register an identity to browse the market with.

This identity requires a simple username and a strong password, which upon creating will lead you to the market’s homepage and request that you create a PGP key which is extremely essential to access the market.

Sign Up page

On the Sign Up screen you can now proceed to create your account, (your username can only consist of lowercase letters and numbers), When creating a password it is good practice NEVER to reuse a password from any other market or a password you have ever used on the clearweb, you should use a unique password for every site you register on and never share your password with anyone. Next simply complete the image captcha and submit your registration. You will then be brought to a page which asks you to "Proceed to login" , follow this to the next step.

You can now login to the site using the Username and Password that you created in the previous step, complete the simple image captcha and press the "Login" button to proceed to the market. You will be brought to a "Announcements" page, you can have a quick read over these to see any updates or announcements regarding the market, simply scroll down to close this and you will be into the main "Home" area of the market.

You will see the following notification highlighted, the notification looks like this:

If you select the bold area of the notification where it says "add your PGP key" you will be brought to a page to add your pgp key.

Don't know what is a PGP Key and how to create your own PGP Key. Read this!

After introducing your pgp key, you will be asked to decrypt a message to verify you are the legit owner of the pgp key you introduced.

The decrypted message will look like this:

The following code is to be used to add your PGP key on White House Market.
Please check your address bar, if the onion domain is not cieprrpdgp7moka2ktlwy54ooymtgsre23enrf4dfzssap74zz45f6id.onion
do not enter the code, leave immediately and look for a legit mirror!
The required code is below the line.

You need to select the code from the bottom that looks like this:


Copy it and paste it so you verify the PGP Key.

You got it, you are in!

Now that you are in, you can search for a product. The search function is displayed on the homepage, there are 2 different search functions: "Simple Search" and "Advanced Search"

If you find a item you want to purchase on the market, click the on the title of the product which will take you to its description page, if you scroll to the bottom of the listing description page you will see the options below


You will need to save the vendors PGP, look for the button below to view the vendor PGP key in plaintext

Save the key displayed and import it into your PGP client you have previously set up.

Write your delivery address and any notes you want to leave the vendor in your PGP client and encrypt it using the vendor key.

You will then want to put in your Quantity that you want to purchase in the "Quantity" field and select a shipping method from the drop down box, which the vendor will have already preset.

The final step is put your XMR address into the "Monero refund address" field. If the vendor declines your order or there is any problem your order will be refunded to the address you set here, if you do not specif an address the balance would be refunded into your account balance instead. You can then proceed to complete the image captcha and then press the place order button as shown at the bottom of the screen. You will then be brought to the final page to make your order where you need to decrypt the payment address in your PGP client.

You will need to copy the message in the box shown and decrypt it to see the monero or bitcoin address depending which option you chose. You will then need to send the exact amount shown to the address within 120 minutes or the order will be automatically canceled. If you fail to pay within that given timeframe the funds will automatically be refunded to the monero refund address you specified or added back to your account balance if none was specified.


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