He had pleaded guilty to distributing the methamphetamine in November of last year to possessing meth with the intention of selling

One Michael Armando Sanchez (27) who was charged in June of last year with Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Meth and Possession with Intent to Distribute Meth was recently sentenced to 4 years and six months in a Montana Court.

He had pleaded guilty to distributing the methamphetamine in November of the same year.

District Judge Dana L. Christensen took charge of the proceedings in court and handed down the sentence after a trial which proved according to law enforcement that Sanchez in fact was in possession of about 8 ounces of methamphetamine at the time of his arrest and had been aggressive with law enforcement and Postal Service officials.

Court documents stated in March last year, a package intended for Sanchez was intercepted by Police after it became clear that he was attempting to receive a mailed package under a false name.

The package intended for Sanchez contained 8 ounces of meth

A mail carrier was allegedly confronted by Sanchez who claimed he was receiving a package intended for a David Castillo. Upon his inability to provide identification to support his claim, the carrier suggested that he follow through to the Post Office with ID and pick up the package when he could.

In his interactions with workers at the Post Office, he allegedly appeared very aggressive and wanted the package even though he could not provide legitimate identification to prove his identity, and this prompted Postal Inspectors to involve the Police who used a K9 unit to determine the contents of the package. A search warrant later proved it was 8 ounces of methamphetamine and in a joint operation with Postal Inspectors they were able to arrest Sanchez.

The Montana District U.S Attorney’s Office announced the indictment in June and shared that the case was being investigated by the FBI and a Drug Trafficking Task Force in Eastern Montana. Sanchez originally faced a minimum penalty of 10 years in jail as well as a $10 million dollar fine and about 5 years of supervision pending his release.

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  1. February 3, 2020 at 2:53 am CBD_Evolution

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