Dark Web

The accused two are said to have sold to over 2,300 users across the world using the dark web as a conduit to market their illicit goods

Dutch and German law enforcement has arrested two Dutch nationals for their participation in a dark web drug trafficking scheme, which they facilitated using the Postal Service and mail to transport drugs across the region.

The two are currently facing criminal charges, with one (40) arraigned in a District Court in the Hague, and the other (38) who is yet to be charged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Cologne.

These arrests, law enforcement says is due to an investigation carried out last year targeting criminal drug operations over the dark web, during which they discovered the identity of one individual suspected to be responsible for a dark web market vendor account and thus made out another suspect, the both of whom were selling MDMA, ecstasy, LSD, amphetamine and cocaine over the dark web.

Police were able to find and confiscate some kilograms of said drugs in one of the accused’s cars as well as in a shared storage unit

The investigation, which was led by the Frankfurt Customs Investigation Office produced results which collaboratively worked on with Dutch law enforcement and a good dose of surveillance proved that the two suspects, from Voorburg and Pijnacker in the Netherlands were involved in the trafficking of the aforementioned drugs and hallucinogens and launched a series of arrests as well as executing search warrants at their residences, cars etc.


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