The group was responsible for distributing millions of fentanyl pills disguised as oxycodone and mainly used the darkweb as a conduit for marketing and finding their clients.

A court recently indicted five people for their engagement in drug trafficking which included the trading and the sale of the potentially lethal drug fentanyl on various dark web markets including the Empire and Dream Markets under the aliases, Pill-Cosby and Slanggang and the joint name DTO.

The indictment stated the five collectively had made millions selling an equal volume of oxycodone pills mixed with some fentanyl and being sold over the dark web. This also included marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin among some others generating the group millions which they laundered.

Law enforcement claim they have evidence pinning the laundering of close to 3 million dollars to the group. Posing as customers, law enforcement made purchases from the group on the marketplaces they sold on after they noticed their Bitcoin transactions. Suspicion raised, they placed a tail on them and actively monitored their movements and packages until they made them out and launched a series of arrests last December.

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Sasha Sirotkin, Sean Deaver, Abby Jones, Kelly Stephens, Khlari Sirotkin each got hit with 21 charges and also used the Postal Service system to transport the drugs while holding the spot for being the highest rated vendors of fentanyl on the Empire Market.

Authorities of the Postal Service, spoken for by Tommy Coke, Postal Inspector had this to say about the group’s takedown,

Battling the distribution of synthetic drugs via the U.S Mail is one of the Postal Inspection Service’s highest priorities. This case proves Postal Inspectors and our law enforcement partners remain steadfast in dismantling organizations which are distributing these illicit and dangerous drugs across the U.S.

He added that this was largely facilitated by the USPIS and lauded their efforts in collaborating with law enforcement to take the group down.

He finished,

This case involved hard work and dedication from multiple field divisions for both the USPIS and our partners. We will remain unwavering in our mission to identify and disrupt their illegal activity.

Described by the United States Attorneys’ Office as “one of the most prolific online drug trafficking organizations in the United States.” they have racked up a reputation that precedes them and ultimately may not work in their favour. If convicted, they each could face 60 years in prison for separate charges of money laundering, distribution of fentanyl, narcotics conspiracy amongst others.


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