Orange Market: The next exit-scam strategy?


Orange Market is an upcoming market that's set to launch on 4 December. The market has not stood yet but it's already setting off red alarms.

/u/Badmedicine on Dread, also known as witchman05 posted a thread that exposed the admin by revealing the fact that, The co-admin of Orange Market known as Waterchain previously was just an ordinary staff member in Dream Market and seems to be quite delusional as he was chosen by SpeedStepper, the admin of Dream Market which shut downed.

Waterchain seems to 'believe' that Speedstepper and him were best friends and was chosen by him to carry on his legacy. Waterchain previously launched Samsara Market a low quality clone of Dream market, Samsara Market had such poor security that they were hacked multiple times before they eventually decided to exit scam.

HugBunter, one of the Admins of Dread later replied to BadMedicine's comment, which expressed the pathetic history of WaterChain. HugBunter clarified that WaterChain and SpeedStepper were indeed close as many times he was assigned to take care of personal matters between HugBunter & SpeedStepper. HugBunter also enlightened that after shutting down Dream Market, SpeedStepper decided to co-operate with WaterChain by going undercover and running Samsara Market in hopes of it replacing Dream Market. However his plans went in vain, as Samsara Market was often under Dos attacks and regardless of it being hacked, SpeedStepper didn't cared enough to make the market better, given that he already planned to exit scam at the market's peak, but since it never was able to reach the peak. SpeedStepper decided to exit scam SamSara Market at the given moment.


I'm not responding to this defending anything or anyone, however I personally can confirm that not only did Waterchain operate closely with SpeedStepper, to the point of relaying and mediating some things between myself and Speed on many occasions, I don't really have any blame I can put towards him regarding the problems with Dream or SamSara.

I think its probably time to publicly disclose that SpeedStepper ran SamSara also, and doesn't deserve too much praise towards him for any amiccable shut down of Dream. His intention was to separate his identity running the exact same market under another name and wrongly assuming it would jump to the heights of Dream over night whilst avoiding the on-going DoS attacks. He found he was very wrong and rather than then closing SamSara on a positive note, allowing users to withdraw their funds, he decided to just disappear and take everything with him, whilst this is also strange considering he surely had many life-times worth of coin from over 5 years of running Dream, I don't actually doubt that he did simply decide to leave and steal what he could in the process. From my own discussions with him, he did make it apparent that he had a level of greed.

If you want to see some evidence of this, Witch, let me know.


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  1. November 29, 2020 at 3:51 am freedomandjustice

    so this man decided to do leave people proceed withdraws to later do an smaller exit scam.

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  2. November 28, 2020 at 10:05 pm fucktrump299

    WTF , people need to know about this man

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