The accused was said to have tried to purchase bomb-making materials from the darkweb to stage a bomb attack on the anniversary of the Christchurch mass shooting attacks

21-year old Joshua Bruce Lucas has been arrested by Australian Police for planning to blow up an electricity substation in Tomerong, New South Wales.

The suspect, a resident of Sanctuary Point and a former student of the Nowra High School in the area, was allegedly making plans to purchase bombs from the darkweb, intending to use them to coincide with the anniversary of the mass shootings that occurred at Christchurch.

Police say he came under their radar after his posts online were flagged for being suspicious, especially in relation with the Christchurch attacks during their investigations. They also shared that he was sharing extremist views on an online platform and after investigating, uncovered that he was attempting to buy materials to make a bomb as well as military weapons from the darkweb.

They conducted a search at his residence and there found illegal paintball guns and electrical items which they believe could be pertinent to the case.

Scott Lee, Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, shared this about the case saying,

We will also allege the man expressed support of extreme right-wing ideology as well as neo-Nazi and anti-government movements.

There is no new information yet as to when his case will go to trial, but he will be appearing in court on May 11th and if found guilty, Lucas could be facing life imprisonment. He is being charged with Acts done in Preparation for, or Planning a Terrorist Act.

A spokesperson for the New South Wales Police said that further investigations are being carried out and as such,

Anyone with information about extremist activities or possible threats to the community should come forward, no matter how small or insignificant you may think the information may be.


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