The Mysterious case of Nucleus Market

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It has been more than 4 years since Nucleus Market disappeared while it was between top markets. To this day the coins remains untouched in their hot wallet.

Around 2015, Nucleus Market was at it's peak with over 25,000 vendor listings and had thousands of bitcoins floating in their wallet, As the market was getting crowded, it took a sharp turn in the quarter of 2016.

An Old School Vendor known by the name of "BBMC" who was quite popular for cooking meth, speed in the UK, he also used to record videos & was very active on reddit. Vendor BBMC who claimed that he knows the bitcoin address associated with the Admin of Nucleus Market, out of which 12 BTC were withdrawed on April 13th, this would be the second last activity of the wallet which still holds 5000 BTC. The same day April 13th, Nucleus market went down even though it spread FUD, some people were still holding onto their faith in the market, as earlier it had went down multiple times in a similar way. Unfortunately, the ship had sailed and we would never find what happened to the pirates that went missing

20 April,The last activity of the wallet: The Owner supposedly withdrawn around 59 bitcoins which supposedly were sold to users on LocalBitcoins. The coins however doesn't seem to be tumbled which might have alerted the authorities as LocalBitcoins work close with LE and is strictly against money laundering acts. Users on the reddit continued to argue with the Vendor BBMC, claiming the admin couldn't be so stupid to not mix his coins. And so came different users with their different theories.

Different users gave different opinions based on their theories such as, "They got raided by the FBI", "Admin just pulled an exit-scam", "It got hacked" and so on.

It's unclear as to what exactly happened, perhaps we might never know At the time, One bitcoin was equvilaent around $426 USD, so 5000 Bitcoins were worth $2.1M USD However, today its worth $87M making it one of the richest wallets.

It's been almost 5 years and there's not a single transaction made from the wallet . Perhaps the market & the wallet went through a tragedy that drowned them, and just like titanic, they're gone.

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  1. December 2, 2020 at 2:32 pm LoftyMeth

    fuck nucleus they stole 3k from me with their exit scam

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