Happy Birthday Dread!

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Today three years ago Dread came to live, at the beginning Hugbunter created it with the main purpose to focus it on cybersecurity but the ban against the subdreddit /r/DarknetMarkets made that the community migrated from Reddit to Dread

Since those days many things happened and although the beginning of this year is looking awful as the previous year when serious attacks started in the tor network against Dread, some marketplaces and other hidden services. This new year the story repeats itself although this time it seems that the attacker is different and not so sophisticated if he is using a massive botnet to attack Dread but seems that he has a wallet full of money ready to burn to keep the attack during all the past week. But as Paris said several times, taken down can be a challenge for some attackers but Paris and Hugbunter will keep investing time and money to make Dread more stable and develop enough defense systems against this or another attack, this is just one more test that they will pass sooner or later

Since yesterday Paris did some announcements

Stay on Dread longer! (FEB 14 STATUS UPDATE)
So the current status of dread's uptime is getting better. We have deployed so many fronts that when the introduction points are pushed and attacked generally the fronts will recover and the people who have created and kept their circuits can stay on the site quite stability over a longer period of time.
So if you want to be able to get on dread and stay on dread let me let you know how to do it.
First go to dread and pass the endgame captcha
If the page loads right afterwards and you can sign in, do so.
There will probably be a period where the front is overloaded and your connection slows
Instead of getting a new circuit or new identity. Refresh the page and get a coffee or something.
After the page loads you probably have a good circuit on the front that isn't now overloaded
Browse Dread like normal. Post a lot. Visit our advertisers to show them support for helping out dread in this time period.
It's a bit annoying but Dread can't be completely taken down anymore for a prolonged period of time. If you can create a circuit to a front and sign in. Don't get a new identity or create a new circuit. The only time you do that is when the whole site's connection has failed (as in there isn't any circuit anymore, probably do to a guard node dying).
If all else fails get a new identity and try again. Maybe with your friends take bets on the luck of getting on dread. You might find you are luckier than you thought.
We are looking at integrating POW into the Tor source right now. Chances of it being added and deployed on the network isn't that high, however it would allow us to move forward the network's POW implementation.
Edit: all ads have been extended by another 7 days. No advertiser ever pays for downtime. Even if it's caused by an asshole.

Mass Get = Mass Regret (FEB 15 STATUS UPDATE)
Surprise surprise it seems I was wrong. This isn't a mass introduction cell attack just a massive botnet get attack. It overloads Tor so quickly that the backend process doesn't even detect any limits being broken because the connections are slowed so much from the Tor process.
I know this now because of how much fucking servers we currently have. Got a good grasp on the amount of connections everything has. This is not a cheap attack. If they are going to use a botnet, so will I.
Dread's birthday is today and for the birthday cake we will have uptime.
Middle finger to the air. Fucker.


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