Ross Ulbricht phone call interview recording at the Bitcoin 2021 conference.


Ross Ulbricht phone call interview recording at the Bitcoin 2021 conference.

In a phone call interview made for the Bitcoin 2021 conference, Ross speak for the first time ever since his arrest. Despite the recommendations to not "anger the authorities" he talk with us and shared a bit of what meant Bitcoins for Silk Road in the early days and what has been of him in prison during these 8 years.

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For those that dont know Ross, here is a little introduction.

Ross William Ulbricht born March 27, 1984. Created and operated Silk Road Marketplace, it was the first TOR based web marketplace and the first to use Bitcoin as payment. It went gaining popularity until a article on GAWKER [this one] was published, incrementing the traffic and exposure of his market.

It was launched in February 2011 until the day Ross was arrested October 2013.

Quote from his letter to the court.
“Silk Road was supposed to be about giving people the freedom to make their own choices, to pursue their own happiness however they individually saw fit"

He is a first-time offender, all the charges are non-violent and he got an exaggerated sentence for being the first Dark Net Market administrator: two life sentences + 40 years without parole! Many people have stated their opposition and thoughts about the exaggerated sentence that Ross got. Their family keep alive his voice in the name of our hero. But sadly despite all the efforts, appeals and letters he still in jail with two lifetime and 40 years sentences.

There is a lot of controversy and misfit information on the Ross Ulbricht case, on his website is stated "The investigation, trial and sentencing were riddled with corruption and violations, including:"

  • Fourth Amendment digital privacy violations.
  • Corruption, favorable evidence and more hidden from the jury.
  • Proff of multiple Dread Pirate Roberts administrators, hidden from the jury.
  • Defense witnesses prevent from testifying.
  • Parallel construction and misstatement used to convict Ross.
  • And more..

You can find as is stated "The Real, Untold Story" where they will take you through every step, since the Silk Road creation, to the last update on his case.

There is an movie on Prime Video named Silk Road it tells a "side" of this history. Certainly not the version told on Ross's website here. Keep that in mind while watching it, they want to close the history alleging that he hired a killer to murder one of his Silk Road moderators. However none of the allegations of hiring a murderer where proved and all those charges where dismissed.

Want to help Ross? Sign the clemency petition and help him get his freedom again.

Petition - Clemency for Ross Ulbricht


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