Bad news for the DarkNet: The Great Seller Namastelsd has its website seized by the Dutch and Finnish government.

Dark Web

NamasteLSD official shop has been seized.

We still do not know if the legendary vendor with more than 3 years of experience on the DarkNet has been captured. We all hope NamasteLSD to be fine but everything began to go wrong when Namastelsd’s resellers were arrested in Finland recently.

Now the official shop shows the seizure banner by the Dutch and Finland government. Is Namastelsd arrested too? It is possible but there is still no official confirmation. It is recommended to all NamasteLSD customers to take precautions.


The news from Finland in which at least 11 people had been arrested has been rapidly related to Namastelsd and its team.

On Namastelsd subdread, you can only find recent posts about users commenting that their order has never arrived, that Namastelsd website does not work and as the official support has been offline for days.


ATTENTION: Now the phishers are going to take this as an opportunity to spread false links, and with false we mean, phishings links, they will steal your money. The Namastelsd official shop has been seized. Do not try to use other links.


I have ordered Namastelsd, what do I do?

Mainly, make sure that your computer is encrypted. And of course, do not have a serious amount of drugs at home, If the police enters your home, make sure they do not find enough drugs to ruin your life.


We hope that Namastelsd is well, from The Onion Web, we send all our support to NamasteLSD and its team. Take care of brother, and we hope you to come back soon.

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  1. September 4, 2021 at 5:40 pm SoyElMontana

    was he really arrested?

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